Blue Light And Daylight – The Sleep Conundrum

SoulAdvisor | 11 Feb 2021
Blue Light And Daylight – The Sleep Conundrum

Blue light is essential for regulating our 24-hour sleep-wake cycle, or ‘circadian clock.’ It is what drives us to be tired at night and alert during the day. While we get most of our blue light from the sun, it is also emitted from our electronic devices. According to Dr.Kara Hartl, medical doctor and blue light expert, this is disrupting our sleep and harming our health.

In an article written for Thrive Global, Dr. Hartl helps us to understand what blue light is, and how it plays an important role in regulating circadian rhythm. 

While blue light itself is not inherently bad, too much of it at night from our TV’s, laptops, or phones, may be tricking our bodies into thinking it’s daytime. This is causing a shift in the natural rhythms of the body, leading to disturbed sleep and other unwanted consequences for our health.   

Dr. Hartl provides suggestions on how to minimise blue light exposure at night, as well as other lifestyle and dietary tips that support a healthy circadian rhythm. 

Firstly, exposing yourself to natural light during the day and limiting artificial light exposure at night is recommended. There are also options to physically block the blue light by using screen protectors or blue light-blocking glasses. Many phones now have the option of using night-time light settings. Lastly, Dr Hartl advocates a diet full of green, leafy vegetables and foods that contain beta-carotene (think carrots and pumpkin), which contain eye-strengthening nutrients for extra protection.

By becoming more aware of the risks of sleep disruptions, we can take the necessary steps to improve the quality and duration of our evening slumber.


How Blue Light Affects Our Sleep Cycle and Quality of Sleep |

Dr. Kara Hartl |

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