How Remote Energy Healing Works

SoulAdvisor | 25 Mar 2022
How Remote Energy Healing Works

The ancient practice of energy healing, based on the idea of being able to consciously direct a subtle form of energy with the aim of facilitating physical, mental or emotional healing, dates back thousands of years.

In recent years, though, energy healing has been trending as a health and wellness modality, with one study[1] concluding that the healing of a patient must include their mental, emotional and spiritual (energetic) aspects, along with their biology and chemistry.

Energy healers believe that when it comes to working with energy, time and space do not exist. Many are now offering their services online under the names like remote healing, distance healing and distant energy healing.

While energy healing takes different forms[2], the benefits commonly include alleviation of pain[3], along with relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood imbalances, brain fog and a wide range of other health issues.

Mel Brodie is a life and organisational coach who recently experienced an online “Personal Akashic” mentoring session with Sydney energy healer Michelle Murphy.

“I sought energy healing because I was looking for something that was a fusion of techniques that would help me gain new insights into challenges I was experiencing in my personal life, my business and my health,” Mel explained.

Grounding Meditation

“Although we are both in Sydney, I was drawn to online because I’m a busy mum, I run a business and have responsibilities as a carer, so my schedule is jam packed and I liked the convenience and safety of being able to do something from home.”

Mel said she was “blown away” by Michelle’s professionalism.

“For starters, she contacted me ahead of time to see what I wanted to get out of the session.

“Seeing someone face to face means you get the ambience and a sense of calm or cocooning, but I was immediately struck by how well Michelle had set this up in an online sense. I came in via Zoom, was greeted by calming music, time to breathe and to ready myself, and this welcomed me and settled my energy. It was wonderful to invoke all the senses you would usually get from a physical experience.”

After clarifying Mel’s intentions for the session, Michelle began with a grounding meditation then moved to energetic intention setting.

“It wrapped up with some powerful inner child healing techniques, where you are transported through the power of imagination and guided voice, to a place where you feel safe, protected, guided, loved and valued, and ready to move on to a different chapter of your life.”

After the session, which she summarised as a “free flowing fusion of coaching, mentoring and intuitive guidance,” Mel said she felt much clearer in her mind.

“Nothing beats having somebody hold space for you and share insights into what they see - cutting to the real core of my challenges and clearing away the obstacles to enable new insights for myself,” she said.

In Michelle’s words, your Akashic Records[4] are an “energetic field containing all of your memories, experiences, thoughts and other lives you have lived or can potentially live”.

Michelle Murphy

In her Akashic sessions, you will discover how the person you are today was formed, what is impacting this present life and what steps are needed to move you into a place of ease and purpose in your life.

Michelle has been seeing all her clients online since 2019 and moved into the online space initially after experiencing her own online healing as a client, and then as a result of the pandemic. She plans to continue to offer distant energy healing only.

“I don’t believe it makes any difference to the outcome of a session - the results are the same,” she said.

“And for me, it opens the door to a global audience, which I just love.”

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This article represents the personal experience of those quoted. Mel is an employee of SoulAdvisor and did not receive any payments, benefits or inducements in relation to providing this information. The treatment discussed was provided by a practitioner on the SoulAdvisor platform.


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