The Power Of Distance Kinesiology

SoulAdvisor | 30 May 2022
The Power Of Distance Kinesiology

So what exactly is kinesiology?

The Australian Kinesiology Association[2] defines it this way:  “Through the art of gentle muscle monitoring, kinesiologists communicate with the body’s innate intelligence to identify and clear underlying stresses to facilitate and promote health and well-being”.

The Australian Institute of Kinesiologists[3] says kinesiologists do not cure anything but rather, “aim to be the conduit or facilitator of change in the body to allow it to heal itself”.

Kinesiology has been around since the 1960s and the online version has been available to practitioners essentially since the creation of the internet, but the pandemic has pushed more people towards distance kinesiology than ever before.

There are a range of online kinesiologists providing their services online through SoulAdvisor.

Alice Bullivant is President of the AKA and now sees up to 50% of her own clients online.

Alice Bullivant

“It’s as much a body therapy as an energy therapy, but Covid has meant we’ve been able to explore the energy side of it more - it’s actually been good for us as practitioners,” she said.

Alice said often people don’t understand how kinesiology works but the online offering has prompted more people to give it a try.

Anastasia Giovanoglou is a kinesiologist from Kingsgrove who took her business online for the first time during the pandemic.

Anastasia Giovanoglou

She admits it took some adjustment to become accustomed to practising virtually.

“I’m quite a tactile person, so not having the client physically in the room with me and not being able to place your hands on them was strange at first,” she explained.

“But an energetic circuit is created as soon as the client books, and when I commence the session, I just surrogate my muscles for theirs.”

Anastasia says the foundational principle of kinesiology and mind body medicine is that everything is connected.

“Our muscles, organs and glands are connected through our meridian system, which helps me communicate with the client and interpret what is going on their body, so we are connecting the dots from a chemical, mental, physical and energetic perspective.”

The key difference in an online kinesiology session is the substitution of the client’s muscles for the practitioner’s. Anastasia also uses this surrogation technique for babies and animals. She will constantly check in with the client as she tests different muscles to identify their blockages.

Anastasia says there is no difference in the results from either kind of session, with her clients coming away feeling more balanced, calmer and empowered.

“In an online session a client will hold their own acupressure points, which empowers them to clear their own blockages,” she said.

Sydney kinesiologist Lisa Cohen, of In2Balance Kinesiology, created a video[4] to explain how distance kinesiology works.

Lisa Cohen

She works in a similar way to Anastasia, setting up an “energetic link” between therapist and client, asking permission to replace her muscles for the client’s. Before commencing, she has a good conversation with them to find out about their needs, concerns and goals.

Once the session is underway, Lisa offers the client the option of staying online with her, or leaving. For those who leave, she contacts them again at the end.

“I can honestly say that I get better results remotely than I do in person a lot of the time,” she said.

“When the ego or the thinking brain is present and they’re on the table, they might react and jump into instant stress mode, whereas this doesn’t happen with the surrogation technique.”

Lisa sends the client a reading by email after each session, giving them detailed advice on issues or emotions that arose, along with recommended bush flower essences or essential oils. She invites them to have a follow up conversation should they desire.

“Whether it’s online or in person, it’s essentially doing the same kind of work to achieve your goals to calm yourself and bring you into true connection to live the life you want,” she said.

Gerry O’Leary, a training manager from the Gold Coast, initially did an in person kinesiology session with Lisa Cohen for her general health and wellbeing when she was living in Sydney, but recently did a second session online after moving house.

“I didn’t know much about kinesiology at first but I’ve always believed emotions play a big part in our physical body so I thought I would explore how that might work for me,” Gerry explained.

“I felt a little unsure about how online would work but we talked through things and then I chose to go offline while Lisa did the work.

“After the first session, the results were immediately transformative, but after the second it took a little longer. Three days afterwards though, I felt a strong sense of clarity and the ability to move forward,” she said. 

Gerry said she would like to continue doing kinesiology sessions on a monthly basis, if she can find the time.

If you’d like to try an online kinesiology session with a SoulAdvisor qualified practitioner, you can start with a free discovery call.



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