The Healing Properties Of Therapeutic Bathing For Chronic Pain

SoulAdvisor | 3 Jun 2021
The Healing Properties Of Therapeutic Bathing For Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, poor sleep, muscle stiffness and extreme fatigue are just some of the debilitating conditions associated with fibromyalgia. While there is no cure that currently exists, emerging evidence is pointing to therapeutic bathing, or ‘Balneotherapy,’ as a promising modality to alleviate the symptoms.

According to a medically reviewed article written for verywellhealth, Balneotherapy is a type of ‘spa’ therapy that uses the therapeutic properties of mineral-rich water or mud, such as those from natural hot springs, to rejuvenate and heal the body. This may involve full-body immersion or soaking a specific body part, both of which allow for water-soluble minerals to penetrate the skin. 

Balneotherapy is suggested to work by altering immune cells and regulating inflammation, as well as mediating the psychological and physiological stress response. In addition, this treatment may reduce oxidative stress in the body. This is when there is an imbalance between free radicals (oxygen containing molecules) and antioxidants in your body. 

There is promising research that is focused on the widespread benefits of Balneotherapy for alleviating symptoms of fibromyalgia. Reported results have included reduced pain, better quality of life, improved function, and lower symptom load and severity. Moreover, these improvements appear to last long after the initial treatment. Whilst significantly more research is needed to understand the full extent of these benefits (and potential drawbacks), this traditional therapy appears to be making a public health comeback.

For more information on Balneotherapy, or access to qualified complementary health practitioners or wellness therapists, please visit our therapies page. Search by symptom, therapy, or practitioner, to find a practitioner suited to your needs. Many of our practitioners offer both in-studio and online consultations. 



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