Whole Food Living: Honour Yourself, Honour The Planet

Agnesa Simcic | 8 Apr 2022
Whole Food Living: Honour Yourself, Honour The Planet

A whole food diet is so much more than a healthy lifestyle choice.

When you choose to eat a whole food, more plant-based diet, you put into practice an honour system that works with nature - your own, and all that surrounds you.  It sets the stage for optimal health and healing, for you and our beautiful planet. 

It starts by honouring your own health. From there, each whole food choice you make has a ripple effect, and sends health and healing beyond.

The ripple effect of honour 

When you choose a whole food, more plant-based lifestyle, you honour :

  • Yourself by taking your health into your own hands. Being empowered to learn and listen to your body and know which foods serve you and those that don’t.
  • Your health by eating foods that fuel, heal and deeply nourish your body. 
  • Nature in many ways. Whole food principles such as eating locally grown and in-season produce, choosing organic when possible, and supporting renewable farming practices honour nature by working with, not against it. It helps to heal and restore soils and land, which allows them to continue to produce, regenerate and renew, as nature should.
  • Animals through less consumption of animal foods overall or seeking animal products from smaller farms with more sustainable practices, where animals are raised more in line with their own nature and where the life taken is always acknowledged by the life sustained.

  • The planet. What seems like a personal health choice extends health benefits far and wide.​​​​​ Choosing more whole foods means:  
    • less pesticides, less environmental waste and toxicity
    • reduced food transportation and food storage - often the largest contributors to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions;
    • much less packaging - reduces plastic and petroleum use, minimises energy for commercial production and flows into less environmental waste and pollution
    • more plant-based means less over-fishing, less land degradation, forest clearing and ecosystem destruction caused by commercial animal farming. 

A whole food, heavier plant-based diet is more than a food and health choice. It’s a healthy lifestyle that honours nature with kindness, health and healing at its core. 

It starts with the simple act of honouring yourself, your body and your health. It has a snowball effect that extends well and truly beyond the self, with profound implications as people decide to make whole food choices.

Imagine if everyone you know adopted just one or two more whole food plant-based behaviours every day - what a wonderful world this would be.

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