Is Your Body Sending You Unusual Stress Signals?

SoulAdvisor | 27 Jun 2021
Is Your Body Sending You Unusual Stress Signals?

A tight chest, shallow breathing and a clenched jaw are all tell-tale signs that the body is stressed! Stress does, however, manifest in all kinds of different ways, and many of these symptoms go unnoticed or are attributed to other issues.

Writing for mindbodygreen, Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. William Cole shines a spotlight on some of the less obvious signs that our bodies may be chronically stressed. Dr Cole emphasises the importance of pausing and identifying the warning signs.   

Some of these signs include: 

1. An unhappy gut

There is a well-established connection between our brain and our gut (the “gut-brain axis”). As a result, stress may cause changes in your bowel movements.

2. Skin issues

The skin is an outer reflection of what is going on inside the body. If you are struggling with skin conditions such as eczema or acne, it may be caused by stress-induced inflammation in the gut.

3. Poor sleep 

When stress hormones are high, this suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin, making it difficult to fall and stay asleep. 

4. Chronic headaches

According to Dr Cole, studies have shown stress can trigger migraines. In addition, jaw clenching at night can induce next-day headaches.

5. Ringing or noises in the ears

These are symptoms of ‘tinnitus,’ which studies have reported may be linked to chronic stress.  

6. Abnormal menstrual cycles

The stress hormone cortisol can interfere with the delicate balance of hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. As such, an irregular or delayed menstrual cycle may be due to high stress levels.

7. Hair loss

Both men and women can experience stress-induced hair thinning or hair loss.

8. Loss of libido

If you’re feeling like your libido has gone on vacation, it may be due to stress hormones disrupting the sex hormones that regulate your drive. 

9. Lowered immunity 

Our immune systems are sensitive to the effects of chronic stress. If you’re frequently struck with colds or flu, it may be a sign that your immune system has been weakened by stress. 

If you believe you are experiencing any of the above symptoms due to stress and are looking to take better control of your mind and body, you can get access to qualified complementary health practitioners or wellness therapists by visiting our therapies page. Search by symptom, therapy, or practitioner, to find a practitioner suited to your needs. Many of our practitioners offer both in-studio or online consultations.


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