Are These Herbs On Your Longevity Menu?

SoulAdvisor | 22 Mar 2021
Are These Herbs On Your Longevity Menu?

Many of the practices that support healthy ageing are rooted in the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). One facet of this holistic medical system is the use of Chinese herbs for their longevity promoting properties.

In this article published by Well and Good, written by Kayla Hui, TCM practitioners provide their expert opinions on which Chinese herbs are essential for maintaining the balance of yin and yang, and for creating harmony in the body. 

In TCM, this concept of balancing yin and yang, two-opposing forces, is the foundation of understanding health. When imbalance arises in the body, this creates disharmony and disease. 

Liuhong Xu, LAc, a TCM gynaecologist and acupuncturist emphasises that maintaining balance in the body is key to achieving good health as we age. 

The four essential Chinese herbs that are touted for their youth-promoting properties, include:

  1. Ginseng: A herbal adaptogen that assists the body’s stress response. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Ginseng can be mixed into juices or warm drinks, or simply taken as a tablet.

  2. Huang Qi: Also known as astragalus. This herb is suggested to enhance immune function, a prerequisite for healthy ageing. The dried roots of this herb can be incorporated into a broth or soup. 

  3. Lingzhi: This is a type of mushroom with many reputed medicinal and therapeutic properties, such as increased energy and improved memory. Stir it into your morning brew, or blend into a smoothie.

  4. Goji berry: The goji berry is a natural antioxidant, which protects the body against the damaging effects of free radicals. You can add this versatile ingredient to your salad, trail mix or as a topping on your smoothie bowl.   

If you are considering incorporating herbs into your wellness routine, it is highly recommended that you receive expert guidance from a trusted TCM practitioner or your doctor before you begin experimenting on your own. 



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