At SoulAdvisor, we work hard to protect the integrity of our community and ensure you have an amazing experience.

Qualification Process

Ensuring Highest Industry Standards Of Professionalism & Care 

At SoulAdvisor, building trust is at the core of our brand. When you book with a SoulAdvisor practitioner, you can be assured that your health and wellbeing goals are in good hands.

That’s why our traditional, complementary and integrative health and wellness practitioners are meticulously selected, providing you with the highest standards of care. 

To become a registered practitioner on our platform, each individual must pass all five stages of the SoulAdvisor Qualification process. 


Our Qualification Process - Setting New Industry Standards

1. Documentation is Key - every time a practitioner registers with us, they are required to provide certain documentation relating to their identification, education, experience, industry association membership, Working With Children Checks (WWCC) as well as business-related information, which may include further social proof relating to their social media following, website and other affiliations.

2. The SoulAdvisor Standards Checklist (see more below) - once all relevant documentation has been received, our team reviews against our SoulAdvisor Standards Checklist. 

3. Communication With Practitioners - if a practitioner has not met all the requirements, they are contacted to discuss the outcome of their application, including areas requiring attention. Once these areas are addressed, the practitioners are then encouraged to resubmit.

4. Publishing & Social Proof of Services -  if successful, a profile of the practitioner will be uploaded to our website, including their biography, service offerings, education and training and relevant industry membership. We also include live chat functionality to provide you with an opportunity to gain further clarity and to connect with the practitioner if required, before making a booking.

5. Professional Conduct & Monitoring - to ensure our practitioners adhere to professional conduct and provide ongoing quality care, we have a rating and review system which we ask you to complete after each therapy session you have with SoulAdvisor. If a practitioner's review falls below a certain standard, we will investigate their review and have internal procedures to remove them from our GlobalCollective if we deem it appropriate.


The SoulAdvisor Standards Checklist

  • The non-negotiables we need from our practitioners include a business number, proof of identity and recognised qualifications for the services they provide. 
  • Not every qualification is the same. That is why we review each qualification against industry benchmarks set by the appropriate industry association. 
  • Although optional, we encourage practitioners to be members of relevant professional associations. 
  • When a traditional or emerging therapy is being offered and requires specific lineage or expertise, we work with recognised bodies, experts in their field as well as elders to ensure a credible standard has been set. Where appropriate we will continue to evolve our qualification standards.
  • We also recommend our practitioners provide evidence of an active social media profile, acknowledgement of years in practice and a WWCC, if appropriate.  
  • Once approved, our dedicated team will work with our practitioners to ensure we showcase their individual expertise, passions and talents, and you receive a fuller picture of how that may assist you with your wellbeing goals. 
  • As a member of our Global Collective, your health and well-being is our priority. We do the hard work selecting the highest calibre of practitioners, so you can expect consistent, quality standards in TCIH health care. 

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