At SoulAdvisor, we work hard to protect the integrity of our community and ensure you have an amazing experience.

Qualification Process

Ensuring Highest Industry Standards Of Professionalism & Care 

At SoulAdvisor, building trust is at the core of our brand. When you book with a SoulAdvisor practitioner, you can be assured that your health and wellbeing goals are in good hands.

That’s why our traditional, complementary and integrative health and wellness practitioners are meticulously selected, providing you with the highest standards of care. 

We ask you to familiarise yourself with the badges below which can be seen on each practitioner’s profile. They clearly identify their level of verification with SoulAdvisor and indicate qualification and experience level.


Our Qualification Process - Setting New Industry Standards

SoulAdvisor Verfied Badge

To qualify as a VERIFIED PRACTITIONER,  our therapists must  provide documentation relating to their identification, education, experience, industry association membership, Working With Children Checks, insurance as well as business-related information, which may include further social proof relating to their social media following, website and other affiliations. These documents are listed on practitioner listings.

VERIFIED PRACTITIONERS must have reached a standard of qualification, and have studied for a minimum period of time with reference to each therapy that appears on their profile.  These standards, which pertain to all of the therapies SoulAdvisor represents,  are listed here.

Alternatively, if a practitioner is a member of a professional association that Souldvisor has accepted as representing practitioners of good standing, we are able to provide this badge.

Lastly , if a practitioner does not have the required level of qualification nor the association membership and has worked for over 10 years in their chosen modality, they are able to apply to SoulAdvisor for Special Consideration to receive the VERIFIED PRACTITIONERS badge. This is particularly relevant to lineage based professions.

SoulAdvisor Pending Badge

VERIFICATION  PENDING- Whilst there are many reasons that practitioners may not be able to currently fulfil SoulAdvisor’s standards requirements, it is  primarily because of international variations and expectations.

SoulAdvisor supports and encourages the strengthening of TCIH professions throughout the world. If a practitioner is not able to meet SoulAdvisor standards, they are still able to join as members, though the badge above will be shown on their listing until they achieve our standards requirements.

This badge is only provided if the therapist undertakes to follow a pathway to achieving SoulAdvisor’s accepted standards and agrees to a timetable for this to happen. Here is the agreement we ask of therapists undertaking this pathway

SoulAdvisor Community Badge

COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP is another level provided to practitioners who join our Free Membership. This is often a first step for practitioners PRIOR to applying for verification, to familiarise themselves with our platform. These practitioners are unverified by SoulAdvisor.

Whilst practitioners are asked to self-select through a quick quiz we provide regarding standards, these practitioners are not vetted by SoulAdvisor. They   have limited details available on our platform. Therefore, Explorers are asked to utilise their services in the same ‘buyer beware’ way that they might anywhere else on the internet.


Ongoing Professional Conduct & Monitoring

To ensure all our practitioners adhere to professional conduct and provide quality care, we have a rating and review system which we ask you to complete after each therapy session you have with a SoulAdvisor practitioner. If a practitioner's review falls below a certain standard, we will investigate their review and have internal procedures to remove them from our Global Collective if we deem it appropriate. Of course Explorers can reach out to us any time with concerns.


As a member of our Global Collective, your health and well-being is our priority. We do the hard work selecting the highest caliber of practitioners and providing clear guidelines, so you can expect consistent, quality standards in your Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Healthcare. 

Again, we ask you to check the badges provided on each practitioner’s listing or search our platform for practitioners via the fields of: 

  • Verified Practitioner
  • Pending Verification
  • Community Member

to ensure you receive the best care available.


Do you have any questions or feedback? Contact us at [email protected]


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