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A moment for yourself. A timeless experience.

You’re meant to be here, right now.

Finding a practice that calls to you – whether it be reiki, tai chi, acupuncture, or sound therapy – is an essential aspect of staying well. But finding that memorable experience you need can be a challenge, whether you’re in unfamiliar territory or just need a place down the road. SoulAdvisor is a community, connecting you to a wide range of wellness practitioners so you can find nourishment and tranquillity.

The soul behind SoulAdvisor

After a nomadic childhood as a result of fleeing the Khmer Rouge for Sydney, Australia, and later returning to her About country of Cambodia, Elain Younn has always found personal healing through various wellness modalities.

Now a practitioner herself, Elain felt compelled to create an easier way to connect people to practitioners, whether from around the corner or around the world. A fellow world explorer, Elain created SoulAdvisor as a place to find trusted and reviewed wellness practitioners anywhere, anytime. SoulAdvisor is that place.

What People Are Saying

Being part of a community means looking out for each other. Read what other SoulAdvisor have to say about their experience.

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"SoulAdvisor provides me with a way to connect and hear the stories of practitioners I'm interested in, it is no longer a frustrating hit and miss experience for me now to find someone who can really understand my needs."
Elizabeth Fourment