Xenophon Angelides
GOLD COAST, QLD, Australia
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GOLD COAST, QLD, Australia
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Wellness warrior Xenophon (Xen) Angelides is a yoga teacher, certified NLP results coach, accomplished educator and professional speaker. He is a veteran of the fitness industry, with more than 40 years’ experience both domestically and internationally. Over the last two decades, he has held management positions with some of the world's fitness equipment manufacturing giants where he was responsible for identifying, developing and providing ongoing resources to a global distributor network in ... over sixty countries. Xen now combines all of his experience across fitness, yoga and NLP as a wellness warrior and creates personalised programs for his clients. He is passionate about supporting people through life-transforming changes to achieve a higher quality of life and overall sense of wellbeing. Xen loves working with people to listen to their goals and needs, give them a clear roadmap and tools, and inspire and empower them to become self-reliant. As a yoga teacher, his intention is to help you thrive in life by nurturing your body, mind and soul through yoga so that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced. Xen emigrated to Australia with his family when he was only seven years old. As a child, he overcame numerous challenges such as being unable to speak any English and being bullied mercilessly in school. Ultimately, this helped mould his character through perseverance and tenacity. Sport, strength training and martial arts also helped him overcome these challenges and his passion for competition and achievement in sport soon earned him an impressive track record in Australian National Basketball and bodybuilding. Furthered by his passion for sport, Xen completed a Sports Science degree at the University of Wollongong, where he majored in exercise physiology, nutrition, sports rehabilitation, functional and biomechanical training, posture and movement correction/ injury prevention. Since 2012, hot yoga has played a significant role in Xen’s life. Hot yoga has helped him grow stronger and more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. While playing basketball in 2015, he suffered a partially ruptured Achilles tendon which immobilised him for a few months. Xen knows that yoga is the perfect vehicle for positive outcomes, as his own practice combined with physiotherapy helped him heal his injury in half the time originally anticipated. The benefits and healing that he received from his Hot Yoga practice inspired him to complete the 200 hour teacher training with Fire Shaper Australia and 100 hour Flow teacher training. Xen is currently completing his certification as a yoga therapist and is also in the process of becoming a Reiki Master. Together with his wife Elynn Angelides, they run their own practice on the beautiful Gold Coast and support their clients in person and online. Xen runs a weekly complimentary group yoga class for men called ‘Bro Yoga’ in Miami. He uses his skills as an accomplished speaker and educator to drive awareness and expansion in the industry with incredibly enthusiastic and entertaining presentations. Xen’s belief in the benefits of yoga and his passion for it is undeniably infectious. He is a Star Wars fan and a collector of all things Yoga and Baby Yoda (‘The Child’ from the Disney TV series ‘Mandalorian’). His favourite quote is by Marcus Aurelius, a Roman Emperor: “If a thing is humanly possible, consider it to be within your reach”. Xen and Elynn are both passionate about developing and cultivating a global community that is committed to healing their individual soma and in doing so, helping other somas to heal as well. Read more




Education and training

200 Hour Teacher Training - Fire Shaper Australia (2016) 100 Hour Flow Training - Fire Shaper Australia (2016) 50 Hour Burn Training NLP Certified Results Coach (2007) Associate Diploma in Sport Science First Aid & CPR Yoga Therapy to be completed end of 2021 / 2022 Reiki to be completed early 2021

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GOLD COAST, QLD 4211 Australia

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As an experienced yoga teacher and NLP results coach, Xen will inspire you to take action and create lasting behavioural change and transformation! What ... you can expect from Xen: A good listener: This session is about you, your goals and outcomes. Xen is here to listen to you and understand your needs and wants. A challenger: Xen will challenge you to change, push you out of your comfort zone and do things you otherwise would not do or improve on. Xen will also guide you with compassion, encouragement, and provide you the necessary personal management tools when times get tough. A personal strategist: Xen recognises that you and your needs are unique, and he will work with you to create a personalised strategy and pathway that uniquely benefits you and the outcomes you seek to achieve – whether it be mental and emotional steadiness, a healthy mindset, a strong and flexible body, active aging (for the over 50s) and/or work-life balance. A teacher: The most effective teachers are facilitators who make their impact by understanding the needs of their students. Xen strongly believes that for outcomes to be successful, there needs to be strong accountability and trust between the teacher and the student. By building this strong foundation together, we can create lasting personal change. He uses yoga principles, philosophies, and practices to guide and empower you to walk the path to your next level. There is a saying from the Buddha that goes: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Namaste. Read more

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