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Rebecca Davis

Aspire a Pathway to Wellbeing
Wollongong, NSW, Australia
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About me

Rebecca is a yoga teacher and massage therapist who offers a range of
modalities to support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, including
relaxation and remedial massage, myofascial release, dry needling and
personalised yoga, including trauma-sensitive yoga. 

Through all these modalities, Rebecca’s focus is on improving physical,
mental and emotional wellbeing, reducing the effects of stress and tension,
releasing trauma, creating physical ease within the body and bringing balance
and ... harmony to the mind.

As a one to one yoga teacher, Rebecca creates a personalised practice,
incorporating asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), yoga
philosophy and meditation specifically adapted to her clients’ needs. 

As a massage therapist, Rebecca tunes into what a client’s body is telling her
and supports the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Her approach is deep
but gentle, encouraging the body to release tension, trauma and
compensatory muscular holding patterns rather than attempting to forcefully
override the body’s protective mechanisms. She loves seeing her clients find
freedom from their pain and creating the opportunity for them to heal. 

She believes a client needs to be an active participant in their healing journey,
open to a new way of thinking and prepared to move on from their “stuckness”
in order to find real transformation. 
Rebecca was suffering severely from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and
Fibromyalgia when she sought healing from her pain through yoga,
meditation, myofascial release and plant-based medicines.  She also made
changes to her diet, lifestyle, mindset, and emotional awareness, all of which
are necessary to restoring genuine health and wellbeing and creating deep-
seated healing.  

Emerging from this transformative healing, Rebecca believed she had been
given a second chance at life and decided she wanted to help other people
heal from their pain. She then established her practice in 2016. 

Rebecca has a tremendous love of horses and rides frequently. She also
does some voluntary bodywork on horses, and enjoys a special connection
with them. 

She says that when working with a horse, the nervous system of horse and
rider connect, as do the fascial systems. This fosters mutual communication
and connection, creating a trusting and cooperative therapeutic partnership. 

Rebecca utilises these same mechanisms in her massage practice, working
respectfully with the client’s fascial, nervous and sensory systems to facilitate
their healing.
Everything Rebecca does comes back to connection, communication and
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Membership of professional associations

  • Association of Massage Therapists

Education and training

-Meditation Facilitator Certification, Adore Yoga Therapy, (2020)
- Diploma of Remedial Massage, TAFE NSW, (2018)
- Yoga Teacher Training - Level One (200 hours), Dancing Warrior Yoga (2018)
- Therapeutic One to One Yoga (40 hrs), Dancing Warrior Yoga (2018)
- Goddess Yoga, (50 hrs) Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training, Balance Yoga Sydney (2018)
- Yin Yoga Module, (50 hrs), Dancing Warrior Yoga (2018)
- Creative Sequencing and Mythology, (25 hrs), Dancing Warrior Yoga (2018)

Holds a relevant Working With Children Check


Rebecca Davis’s studio location

Wollongong, NSW 2500 Australia

Exact location will be provided after booking

Book an appointment

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Discovery call session

A discovery call will provide an opportunity to ask questions and gain an understanding about your current challenges, goals and pain points. ... This is a key opportunity for us to start building a relationship and understand how I may be able to assist you.

You can also learn more about my expertise and knowledge, the success I have had in helping others with similar issues, and consider whether my offerings will be able to meet your needs.

Ultimately, a discovery call helps to determine if there is a good fit and we can decide if we would like to take the next steps together.
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This is a one time free session
15 min
1-1 Yoga

My personalised Yoga sessions provide you with an individually customised Yoga practiced designed to address your physical, mental and emotional ... wellbeing. Rather than attending a group class with a ‘one size fits all’ approach, these sessions allow you to discover which yoga practices are most appropriate and beneficial to your particular needs.

After a thorough assessment of your needs, I will guide you through a short daily practice (20 minutes or so) for you to do at home. Depending on your needs, this could include physical postures (asana), breathing practices (pranayama), meditation techniques and/or mantra.

These sessions are of value for complete beginners, those with more experience in Yoga who are looking to gain deeper insight into the full range of Yoga practices and learn to apply them in their lives and/or those who wish to safely explore the ways in which Yoga can support them overcome depression, anxiety and the effects of past trauma.
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1 hr
100 AUD
In studio

Massage uses a range of techniques to bring about greater physical and mental relaxation and ease, improve sleep, reduce stress, and help activate ... the body’s innate healing capacity. It is a beneficial modality which forms a valuable part of any self-care practice.

Remedial Massage brings additional benefits including restoring or improving range of motion through the joints, improving blood flow, reducing pain and tension, releasing trigger points (sometimes referred to as ‘knots’) and allowing muscles to regain their natural length and flexibility. It is a great option for those experiencing pain, stress, postural imbalances, tightness or restriction in their day to day movements, to improve recovery from injury and to help alleviate the day to day discomfort associated with desk work/computer use, driving, or intense workouts at the gym.

Dry Needling can be incorporated into any Remedial Massage and involves the insertion of single use, sterile acupuncture needles into particular sites within the muscles, generally aimed at relieving trigger points or other restrictions.
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1 hr
125 AUD
In studio
Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release works deeply but gently into the many layers of connective tissue (fascia) within the physical body and can bring about a ... profound release of physical, mental or emotional tension, safely releasing long held pain, trauma or restriction, restore range of motion and bring about an incredible feeling of lightness and ease.

These sessions are particularly useful in clients where past physical injuries or stressful events have left lingering tension and constriction within the body or the mind.
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1 hr
160 AUD
In studio