Lia Estate
Lia Estate - QMi Quantum Medical Intuitive Energy Healing
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Qualification and identity verified
Lia Estate - QMi Quantum Medical Intuitive Energy Healing
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Qualification and identity verified


Lia is a reiki, NLP and colour therapy practitioner whose ultimate aim is to empower clients, pinpoint areas of “dis-ease” and put them on the road to wellness. She also defines herself as a “quantum medical intuitive, intuitive energy healer, wellness facilitator/personality profiler” and assists people in understanding their emotions and bodies, guiding them with support and assistance to manage their own health. Lia uses her abilities to identify conditions in her clients, and when ... she has “a knowing” about someone, she receives the information in pictures - either in their body, in their energy system or as an image, which can be present, past or future. From there, she gets a connection with what the client specifically needs to hear in order to empower them and move towards wellness. Lia has clairvoyant abilities, can sense personalities and is fascinated by the human condition. She loves helping people move forward with their lives and always takes a positive approach, getting them to identify stressors and stop negative processes. Originally an interior architect and designer as well an artist and graphic designer, Lia discovered the principles of energy flow through her own illness. She healed herself from diabetes in 2008 and subsequently from Hashimoto Thyroiditis and since then has been on a constant journey of learning, gaining qualifications in a range of healing modalities. A true creative at heart, Lia still does fine art, design work, graphic design, and singing to be present and live in the now. She encourages clients to explore their own creativity on their wellness journey. Read more




Membership of professional associations

  • IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists)
  • NFH National Federation of Healers
  • International Association of Medical Intuitives

Education and training

Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Self Coaching Techniques - Mind-Body College Newlife Reiki Seichim Certification Certificate of Quantum Medical Intuition and Metatronic Healing - Carmel Bell College of Medical Intuition Diploma of Arts - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Touch for Health - International Kinesiology College Advancing the Design Industry - Design Institute of Australia Lia is also members of the following design based associations: DIA Design Institute Australia ARBV Australian Registration Board of Architects British Institute of Interior Design

Holds a relevant Working With Children Check


Working hours (GMT+11:00) Melbourne

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Lia Estate’s studio location

Melbourne, Victoria 3094 Australia

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Discovery call session

A discovery call will provide an opportunity to ask questions and gain an understanding about your current challenges, goals and pain points. ... This is a key opportunity for us to start building a relationship and understand how I may be able to assist you. You can also learn more about my expertise and knowledge, the success I have had in helping others with similar issues, and consider whether my offerings will be able to meet your needs. Ultimately, a discovery call helps to determine if there is a good fit and we can decide if we would like to take the next steps together. Read more

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15 min


Quantum Healing

The first step is your willingness to participate in your wellbeing and to shift your perception to an empowering more positive outlook and keep ... it there. Take the first step to initiate wellness and peace of mind for the rest of your life, with initial and subsequent session to create this environment of support. Using Newlife Reiki Seichim, NLP techniques and colour therapy combined with energy balancing and healing, the session lasts approximately 50 - 60 minutes and encompasses energy work that pinpoints, isolates and changes the energy blockages into free-flowing energy that is beneficial to your future well-being. Sometimes changes happen immediately or it may take a few days, in which you may experience immediate and lasting relief depending on individual circumstances. The session consists of Newlife Reiki Seichim hands-on or auric work which is done in a comfortable seated position. You will learn simple, easy to use techniques that are powerful and effective. NLP suggestive meditative techniques are used to help you cut the ties that keep you stuck and reprogram you to forward movement. It is up to the client to then take responsibility to continue these techniques for self-empowerment, self-maintenance and ongoing well-being. Colour therapy is used to balance, repair and enhance the chakras, auras. Lia does this using colour charts, art (colour use as therapy for mindfulness) visualization and the vibrational signatures of each colour. You will leave feeling refreshed, calm, relaxed and ready to begin your life from a different perspective and perception that will assist you to keep wellness as a standard part of your everyday life. Of course, sometimes you may experience different feelings after a session but this is normal as your energy system and body are expelling long-hidden toxins and emotions that no longer serve you, which have caused disruption and dis-ease. Read more

In person

1 hr

150 AUD

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