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How can energy healing nourish you?

The idea of being able to consciously direct a subtle form of energy with the aim of facilitating physical, mental or emotional healing has existed for thousands of years. A papyrus document from ancient Egypt, dated approximately 1550BCE, describes the use of healing touch[1] for pain relief.

Energy healing continues to be a controversial subject in mainstream medicine, partly because the consistently high success rate reported by patients[2] has not yet been satisfactorily replicated in a laboratory setting. One researcher has compared the opposition of Western medicine with the difficulties in acceptance once faced by theories of quantum physics, due to their confronting nature and their contradiction of the assumptions[3] held by the scientific community of their time.

As research continues into the human biofield (a measureable electromagnetic field originating from the body)[4], as well as the implications of biophoton emission (extremely low-power light that is radiated by all living creatures)[5], it is possible that a rationale for energetic healing that is accepted by Western science may soon be discovered[6]

Benefits of energy healing

One of the common reported benefits of energy healing is the alleviation of pain. A study completed in 2015 suggested that energy healing may have resulted in a “marked improvement” of pain level for 76% of respondents[7]. In the same study, 79% of patients whose health concern was not directly related to their pain level reported a “marked improvement” of their symptoms.

Energy healing has been studied for its effectiveness in treating health problems ranging from arthritis and bone fractures[8] to advanced AIDS[9], and although initial results suggest there may be significant effects involved, further research is recommended. 

According to a critical review of research into energy healing for cancer, the available evidence was insufficient for drawing reliable conclusions about the effectiveness of the practice. However, the results were significant enough for further study to be recommended[10], exploring possible mechanisms of action rather than simply dismissing the reported benefits as examples of the placebo effect.

Energy healing may assist in relieving symptoms related to:

Anxiety Arthritis, rheumatism and osteoarthritis Brain fog and clarity Circulation and cardiovascular conditions Concentration, focus and problem solving Confidence and self-esteem Creativity Depression Detoxing and cleansing Energy and vitality Fatigue, burnout and exhaustion Fears and phobias Grief, bereavement and loss Headaches and migraines HIV/AIDS Indecision Insomnia and sleep disorders Love and Relationships Memory and cognitive function Mood imbalances Motivation and procrastination Nervous system and neurological conditions Pain relief PTSD and trauma Relaxation Sadness Sexual dysfunction and impotence Stress and tension Show all

What to expect from an energy healing session

There are many different forms of energy healing, and the term is often used interchangeably with ‘spiritual healing’; the usual distinction is that spiritual healing is a religious or faith-based practice. Some people prefer their healing to have a spiritual aspect, while others seek energy healing that is strictly secular. Please ask your practitioner which variety of energy healing they provide if this is a concern for you.

Among the many options you have to choose from are chakra alignment (which involves harmonising the body’s energy centres[11]) and distance healing (which doesn’t require you to be physically present[12] near the practitioner). How your session will progress depends on the exact variety of energy healing you select. 

In general, your therapist will ask you about your general health, as well as the specific reason why you have chosen to undertake energy healing. They will usually begin the session by helping you become grounded, relaxed and receptive to the treatment[13]; this might be by asking you to lie down comfortably, or through quiet, soothing music. 

Your practitioner will ‘tune in’ to your energy field and set their intention[14] for the healing, and either gently place their hands on you or bring their hands near your body[15]. They will usually focus their attention near the affected area if you are suffering from a localised complaint. The practitioner will consciously direct their awareness to restore balance and integrity to your biofield; many practitioners describe the process as releasing blockages and allowing energy to flow freely[16] again.

After the healing session, some people report uncomfortable experiences such as strange sensations in their body or emotional fragility[17]. This is not common, but practitioners advise that it’s a natural aspect of the healing process[18] as your energy field may undergo some fluctuations before reaching a harmonious state of balance.

Excluding such discomforts that you may experience after your treatment, energy healing usually carries virtually no risk of adverse effects. However, as with any exercise or wellness program, please consult your medical professional before commencing energy healing; it is not advised as a replacement for conventional medicine. If you have any concerns at all, also speak to your energy healer, who will customise the session to suit your requirements.


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Frequently asked questions

Energy Healing is an ancient practice that involves consciously directing subtle forms of energy to facilitate physical, mental, or emotional healing. Techniques may include touch, intention, or other methods aimed at balancing the body's energy.

The exact mechanisms of Energy Healing are not fully understood, and it remains controversial in mainstream medicine. The practice is often based on the belief that balancing and manipulating the body's energy can promote overall health and wellbeing.

References to healing touch can be traced back thousands of years. For example, an ancient Egyptian papyrus document from around 1550 BCE describes the use of healing touch for pain relief, showcasing the longstanding history of energy healing practices.

Energy Healing faces skepticism in mainstream medicine, partly due to the challenges of replicating reported high success rates in a controlled laboratory setting. The nature of energy healing often contradicts established scientific assumptions, contributing to its controversial status.

Some researchers draw parallels between the skepticism towards Energy Healing and the historical difficulties faced by quantum physics theories. Both challenge conventional scientific beliefs, making acceptance a gradual process.

Energy Healing may involve manipulating various forms of energy, including subtle biofield energies, chakras, or the body's electromagnetic field. Practitioners often work to restore balance and harmony within these energy systems.

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