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How can ThetaHealing® nourish you?

ThetaHealing® is a non-invasive technique that accesses healing by bringing your mind into a meditative state to relearn harmful thoughts and change your reality. It is based on the idea that our subconscious mind holds emotions and behaviour patterns which manifests in our actions[1]. By changing negative beliefs in the subconscious mind, ThetaHealing® helps to heal emotional and spiritual issues, which could lead to resolving of physical conditions[2]. The ThetaHealing® technique is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

The work of ThetaHealing® is done while the brain is producing theta brain waves, one of the five frequencies at which the brain operates[3]. Theta brain waves are of a slower speed, and our brains are often in this state just before sleeping, just after waking[4] or when we are in a deeply relaxed state of mind. Studies have shown that theta activity in the brain is related to implicit, or subconscious, learning[5].

This therapy was created in 1995 by founder Vianna Stibal through her own personal journey back to health[6]. While similar in some ways to hypnotherapy, ThetaHealing® differs in that it blends science and spirituality, using mediation and prayer to access the unconditional love of the creator[7] and change beliefs that hold you back. While a spiritual practice, it is not associated with any particular religion and is accessible for everyone.

Despite being in a meditative state during a session, you will still be aware of your surroundings and engaging with your practitioner on personal issues. As such, it is recommended that you choose a certified practitioner registered with ThetaHealing® Australia[8] to access treatment of the best quality.

Benefits of ThetaHealing®

Given ThetaHealing® is a fairly new modality, there has been limited scientific research done on its clinical benefits. However, a meditative state is a key aspect of ThetaHealing®, and there is a large body of research[9] showing that meditation provides benefits such as decreased anxiety and assists with emotional regulation in stressful situations. Another central element is the spiritual aspect, which has been reported to assist in a patient's recovery[10]

ThetaHealing® is a holistic modality meant to benefit your body and mind. As it aims to reprogram the unconscious mind, a single session is intended to create change[11] as practitioners assist you to release unhelpful subconscious beliefs such as thoughts of being a failure, or feeling undeserving of success. Changing your thoughts can lead to different choices, the taking of new actions[12] and the achievement of different results. As such, ThetaHealing® may assist a range of issues such addictions, poor self-esteem or helping you to discover your ideal career[13].

ThetaHealing® may assist in relieving symptoms related to:

Alcohol and drug addiction Anxiety Balance, stability and coordination Brain fog and clarity Circulation and cardiovascular conditions Concentration, focus and problem solving Confidence and self-esteem Conflict resolution Creativity Fears and phobias Love and Relationships Mood imbalances Relaxation Sadness Stress and tension Show all

What to expect from a ThetaHealing® session

Before you begin your session, your practitioner will ask you if there are specific concerns or issues you wish to work on, and ask for permission to connect to your energy. Some practitioners may perform ‘muscle testing’[14] on you, which involves the practitioner asking you ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to see how your body intuitively responds. This may simply be your body rocking forwards, or backwards[15] when asked a question. 

Your practitioner will then go into a meditative theta state, which is intended to put you into a theta state as well[16]. The session will involve ‘belief work’, during which you will be asked questions to discover where you may have limiting beliefs. Before any belief change occurs, the practitioner must always ask for your verbal permission[17], and if you are willing the practitioner will command a change in the subconscious beliefs[18].

A ThetaHealing® session usually lasts for 60 to 90 minutes, and people have reported feeling lighter, calm, or experiencing a ‘shift’[19] after a session. Sessions usually take place face-to-face in an environment conducive to relaxation, but can also occur over the phone or online.

ThetaHealing® is not intended as a replacement for conventional medical treatment. Although it is a non-invasive, gentle modality which is unlikely to cause any adverse effects, it is always important to consult your medical professional before commencing. If you have an injury or other health issue, or any concerns at all, do inform your practitioner, who will be happy to address these and explore how the session can be adjusted to best suit your individual requirements.


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Frequently asked questions

ThetaHealing® is a non-invasive technique that induces a meditative state to access the subconscious mind. It aims to relearn harmful thoughts and change one's reality by addressing emotions and behavior patterns stored in the subconscious.

ThetaHealing® focuses on changing negative beliefs in the subconscious to heal emotional and spiritual issues. This process may contribute to the resolution of physical conditions by addressing the underlying beliefs and emotions connected to them.

ThetaHealing® is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. It is not a substitute but can complement traditional medical approaches to enhance overall well-being.

The work of ThetaHealing® is performed when the brain is producing theta brain waves, one of the brain's five frequencies. Theta brain waves are associated with deeply relaxed states, often occurring just before sleeping or waking. These states are conducive to the healing process.

Theta brain waves naturally occur just before sleeping, just after waking, and during deep relaxation. Studies have shown that theta activity in the brain is linked to implicit or subconscious learning, emphasizing its role in addressing deep-seated beliefs and emotions.

ThetaHealing® is designed for anyone seeking healing and personal transformation. While it can address a broad range of conditions, its effectiveness may vary for each individual. It is often employed to address emotional and spiritual issues that may impact overall well-being.

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