Access Consciousness Bars®

Access Consciousness Bars®

Relax and release thoughts, attitudes and feelings that hinder progress

How can Access Consciousness Bars® nourish you?

Access Consciousness Bars®, also known as Access Bars, is a non-invasive, gentle modality that involves a practitioner lightly touching points on the head which correspond to different aspects of life. As with Traditional Chinese Medicine or Shiatsu, it is based on the idea that energy runs through our bodies, and ‘stuck’ energy has a restrictive effect on a person’s life. However, Access Bars differs in that it views these energies as those accumulated through the thoughts, feelings and decisions[1] we have throughout our lives. 

There are 32 points in Access Bars, each of which is linked to a different issue. These issues range from healing, awareness and creativity to sex, power and money[2]. The practice of having this therapy done is known as ‘running your bars’ and has been likened to deleting files from a computer – the brain. It is based on the idea that the touching of these points can help to ‘release the electromagnetic charge’, clear the negative energy[3] underlying the limiting ideas and attitudes and therefore allow change to occur.

This modality was founded in 1991 by Gary Douglas, from a desire to create positive change in the world[4]. To this end, Access Bars is built around the idea that our consciousness can shift our realities[5] and is a complementary modality that can be used alongside other therapies such as psychology or naturopathy. To receive treatment of the highest standard, choose a practitioner who is trained and licensed through Access Consciousness[6].

Benefits of Access Consciousness Bars®

As a fairly new modality, there has been limited research into its clinical benefits. However, a 2015 research paper conducted by a neuroscientist measured the brainwave activity of participants during an Access Bars session. It found that there was an impact on brain function[7] during the session, with brain activity moving from a very active state to a relaxed state. Research using thermometry, the measurement of temperature often alongside the measurement of time[8], also found that Access Bars decreased anxiety and reduced levels of pain, inflammation and toxicity[9] in the participants.

Access Bars points relate to a wide range of areas – meaning that the therapy may help people achieve change in multiple areas such as sleep, stress, happiness and weight loss[10]. People who have had their bars run also report experiencing increased clarity and motivation, and a decrease in interpersonal conflicts[11].

Access Consciousness Bars may assist in relieving symptoms related to:

Achilles tendonitis Anxiety Brain fog and clarity Concentration, focus and problem solving Confidence and self-esteem Conflict resolution Inflammation and swelling Insomnia and sleep disorders Love and Relationships Mood imbalances Motivation and procrastination Pain relief Sadness Stress and tension Weight control and obesity Show all

What to expect from an Access Consciousness Bars session

At your Access Bars session, your practitioner will likely ask you to recline in a position that is most comfortable to you, whether this is lying down or sitting in a comfortable chair. One thing that you will be asked to refrain from is touching or crossing your hands[12], as this is believed to disrupt the flow of energy. You may also notice that unlike other relaxation-based modalities, there will be no music playing in the room, as this is believed to interfere with the brain activity occurring while your bars are being run. The running of the bars involves your practitioner touching various points on your head, and this is likely to feel like a gentle, relaxing massage.

A session can last for approximately 60 to 90 minutes, and some practitioners may speak with you about the issues you are facing[13], while others may be silent to allow you to fully relax. The most commonly reported experience is that of total relaxation[14], with many falling into the best sleep of their lives, while others have felt physical sensations such as tingling in their body[15]

As a non-invasive, gentle modality, Access Bars therapy is unlikely to cause any adverse effects. Regardless of this, it is always advisable to consult your medical professional before commencing. If you have any concerns at all, do raise these with your practitioner who will be happy to address them and customise your session. 


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