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How can quantum consciousness nourish you?

Quantum consciousness[1] assists one to access altered states for paradigm-shifting solutions. Founded in 2012[2] Peter Smith,[3] quantum consciousness is a ticket to transformational insights. This revolutionary therapy aims to facilitate mental, physical and spiritual synergy through multidimensional realms of consciousness. 

According to the quantum physics[4] foundation of quantum consciousness we can traverse states of present, stored, alternate, parallel, interdimensional and eternal consciousness[5] to attain enriching wisdom. 

The essence of quantum consciousness encompasses The creator effect states that we can create anything we desire through intention. Entanglement explains our inextricable interconnected-ness. Everywhereness asserts that we exist in all dimensions simultaneously. Holographic Healing views our personal universe as a holographic subset of the universe. The quantum consciousness model interprets all issues as requests to reinstate innate resonance. 

The quantum consciousness model developed as a natural progression from Peter Smith’s work with hypnotherapy, Hypnoenergetics®,[6] psychotherapy,[7] quantum physics, the Many World’s Theory,[8] Near Death Experiences,[9] Astral Travelling,[10] Reincarnation[11] and Life Between Lives®.[12]

A qualified quantum consciousness clinician undergoes stringent supervised training over nine months conducted by the Institute for Quantum Consciousness.[13] Continuing professional development is encouraged through The Consciousness Collective alumni group.[14]

Benefits of quantum consciousness

Scientific studies on quantum consciousness are yet to be conducted, however there are thousands of documented case studies supporting its therapeutic scope. 

Empirical evidence from quantum consciousness case studies report that those who have participated in sessions experience less concern about physical death and increased serenity stemming from the realisation that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Some have also felt a release of physical and emotional issues, brought about by an understanding of their unconscious origins. 

Specific case studies detailed in the 2018 book Quantum Consciousness: Journey Through Other Realms[15] additionally reference positive outcomes with anxiety, fear, guilt, low confidence, regret and self-doubt. Other case studies attest to people being supported to connect with their healing energy, higher purpose and universal unity. 

Quantum consciousness may assist in relieving symptoms related to:

Anxiety Brain fog and clarity Circulation and cardiovascular conditions Concentration, focus and problem solving Confidence and self-esteem Mood imbalances Relaxation Stress and tension

What to expect from a quantum consciousness session 

Everyone’s experience of quantum consciousness is unique. The facilitated out-of-body trip highlights each person’s healing path. During a virtual[16] or in person consultation,[17] a practitioner provides a safe and supportive space for deep self-discovery. You will be encouraged to explore unresolved issues through communication and heightened consciousness. 

Over the two to three-hour session, you can either sit or lie fully clothed and may receive gentle touch on the third eye with prior permission. Held in an energy honouring one’s eternal essence, the practitioner prepares patients to expand energetically and visit various realms by going out into the universe rather than going down into a trance. You will be gently guided to a transcendental state while recognising the role of the physical form. The practitioner may pose questions for you to respond from their elevated awareness. 

Quantum consciousness founder Peter Smith says one treatment is usually ample, however subsequent sessions may be beneficial. Practitioners often offer a recording of the session for you to reflect on at your leisure. 

As with any exercise or wellness program, please consult your medical professional before commencing quantum consciousness. If you have an injury, health issue, or any concerns at all, also speak to your quantum consciousness practitioner, who will be happy to address these and explore the option of tailoring the session to your individual requirements. 


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Frequently asked questions

Quantum Consciousness is a transformative therapy founded by Peter Smith in 2012, aiming to facilitate mental, physical, and spiritual synergy through accessing altered states of consciousness. It differs by incorporating principles from quantum physics and multidimensional realms into the healing process.

Quantum Consciousness utilizes principles from quantum physics to access various states of consciousness, including present, stored, alternate, parallel, interdimensional, and eternal. This approach is believed to offer paradigm-shifting solutions and transformative insights.

Yes, Quantum Consciousness is designed to address mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. It aims to create synergy across these dimensions, allowing individuals to explore altered states for holistic well-being.

The Creator Effect asserts that individuals can create desired outcomes through intention. Entanglement emphasizes the interconnectedness of all things. Everywhereness suggests existence in multiple dimensions simultaneously, and Holographic Healing views the personal universe as a holographic subset.

Quantum Consciousness extends quantum physics principles into the realm of personal transformation and healing. It applies quantum concepts to address mental, physical, and spiritual issues, interpreting them as requests to reinstate innate resonance.

Quantum Consciousness is designed to be inclusive, and its benefits may vary. Individuals may experience transformative insights, improved mental clarity, enhanced spiritual connection, and a holistic sense of well-being through the exploration of altered states.

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