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How can Samvahan nourish you? 

Samvahan is an ancient massage technique used to balance the natural rhythms of the body[1]. Gentle, massage-like techniques are used to physically amplify the internal vibrations of the body. This is believed to have a profound healing effect on health.[2] 

Samvahan is described as rhythmic, musical and meditative. Trained Samvahan practitioners ‘tune’ into the client’s body as if it were a musical instrument. By reading and working with the subtle vibrations, Samvahan practitioners identify areas of harmony or imbalance in the body. Healing Samvahan vibrations are then used to travel through these tissues, removing blockages and releasing the body’s natural healing rhythms[3]

Samvahan originated in India more than 2500[4] years ago, but was revitalised in the 1930’s by Dr. Ram Bhosle[5]. Inspired by knowledge about the vibrational energy of the universe, Dr Bhosle studied ancient texts of the Hindu religion to learn about vibrational healing. This led him to eventually spend six years in the Himalayas with other healers perfecting the Samvahan method that is practiced today. 

Samvahan[6] is the international website for clients, students and healers of Samvahan. Courses were taught worldwide by Dr. Ram Bhosle’s apprentice, Michael Trembath[7]. These are open to massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, meditators, coaches, healers, musicians, or anyone interested in becoming a practitioner of Samvahan. 

Benefits of Samvahan

More clinical research is needed to support the benefits of Samvahan. Practitioners, however, advocate that it may be helpful in treating physical ailments, as well as emotional and mental health issues.

One study has investigated the impact of Samvahan vibrational therapy on body discomfort in health professionals[8], and reported that it may be effective in reducing pain and stress.  

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Samvahan may be helpful in alleviating chronic tension, trauma, fatigue, insomnia, digestive dysfunction, muscle pain and premenstrual tension. 

Samvahan may assist in relieving symptoms related to: 

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) Digestive and gastrointestinal issues Insomnia and sleep disorders Mental health Mood imbalances Muscle spasm, tightness and cramps Pain relief PMT/PMS and menstrual issues PTSD and trauma Stress and tension

What to expect from a Samvahan session

A Samvahan therapy session will typically last between 30 to 60 minutes. 

Practitioners will use their hands, tuning forks, vibrational bowls, music and other tools to tune into your body. This is to locate areas of disharmony in the nerves, muscles, organs, fluids, energy systems, emotions and mind to bring them back into balance. You may expect to feel deeply soothed from the experience.  

Your experience will depend on the nature of your health issue, as well as the knowledge and techniques of your practitioner. As such, each session with a Samvahan practitioner will vary. As you attend more Samvahan sessions, you will feel the cumulative effects of the therapy. More sessions will penetrate and benefit the deeper issues within the body. 

As with any exercise or wellness program, please consult your medical professional before commencing Samvahan. If you have an injury, health issue, or any concerns at all, do speak to your Samvahan practitioner who will be happy to address these and tailor the approach to your individual requirements.


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Frequently asked questions

Samvahan is a healing modality that involves the use of sound and vibration for therapeutic purposes. It differs from other modalities by emphasizing the role of specific frequencies and vibrations in promoting healing.

Samvahan utilizes specific frequencies and vibrations generated through instruments, such as singing bowls, gongs, or tuning forks. These vibrations are believed to have therapeutic effects on the body, mind, and energy system.

Samvahan is often used to address a range of conditions, including stress, anxiety, physical pain, and emotional imbalances. Practitioners believe that the vibrational frequencies can promote relaxation, balance energy, and facilitate healing.

Samvahan practitioners are individuals trained in the art of using sound and vibration for healing. Qualifications may vary, but practitioners often undergo specific training and certification programs to effectively apply Samvahan techniques.

While Samvahan is generally considered safe, it may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals with certain medical conditions or sensitivities to sound should consult with a healthcare professional before undergoing Samvahan therapy to ensure its appropriateness.

During a Samvahan session, individuals may lie down or sit comfortably while the practitioner applies sound and vibration. The effects of a session can vary, but many people report feelings of deep relaxation and reduced stress. The duration of these effects may also vary from person to person.

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