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Wayah Wellness & Rebirthing Breathwork Australia
Coburg North, VIC, Australia
Qualification and identity verified
Wayah Wellness & Rebirthing Breathwork Australia
Coburg North, VIC, Australia
Qualification and identity verified

About me

Jem Stone is a First Nations representative who has been gratefully living on Wurundjeri Country since 2011. Working in the wellness industry for more than 20 years, Jem is a Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner and Trainer, Rebirthing Breathwork Therapist and Educator who instils her ancestral roots in her work. Wayapa translates to “connect to country” and is the first ever internationally accredited wellness modality based on Indigenous wisdom. Wayapa helps people reconnect to the environment ... and realign to the natural world. Jem combines traditional wisdom with modern science to help people connect, relax, grow, heal and better themselves. She believes people are too separated from the natural world and distracted by everything automatically available, so she focuses on realigning client’s thinking and reconnecting with the earth. Jem says people are living a singular life - separated and disconnected, earning money to buy things - but what they’re really yearning instead of belongings is actually belonging. By getting people to deeply question their connection to the earth and ask themselves what they can contribute to it, Jem works to reconnect people with mother earth. Her Rebirthing Breathwork guides people to self-healing through relaxation. Jem co-created ‘Rebirthing Breathwork Australia’ in 2019 to train and certify new practitioners with her internationally accredited course to awaken the profound healing power of conscious connected breathing within mainstream society. In 2020, Yoga Australia invited Jem to join the Reciprocity Action Plan (RAP) Group and she is now bringing Indigenous conversations and cultural awareness into Yoga spaces. Jem is a director of Ngungwalah Aboriginal Corporation, creating cultural awareness units for Yoga teacher training within Australia and creating scholarships for training Aboriginal people in Yoga and Wayapa Wuurrk. Her business, ‘Wayah Wellness’ holds the vision of wellness and connection, creating access to healing through respectful relationships for all socio-economic and minority groups, who may not ordinarily access mainstream wellness practices. Jem creates and facilitates workshops for a wide range of audiences, from the corporate arena to pre-school aged children. She tailors her classes and workshops depending on needs and demographics of each group. Jem considers herself an Earth Custodian and acknowledges all her ancestral roots including: Indigenous Australian, Native American, Afro Caribbean, English, Irish and Scottish. Read more


Education and training

Breathwork Certificate - Our Breath Diploma Wayapa Practitioner - Wayapa Wuurrk

Holds a relevant Working With Children Check


Jem Stone’s studio location

Coburg North, VIC 3056 Australia

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Discovery call session

A discovery call will provide an opportunity to ask questions and gain an understanding about your current challenges, goals and pain points. ... This is a key opportunity for us to start building a relationship and understand how I may be able to assist you. You can also learn more about my expertise and knowledge, the success I have had in helping others with similar issues, and consider whether my offerings will be able to meet your needs. Ultimately, a discovery call helps to determine if there is a good fit and we can decide if we would like to take the next steps together. Read more

This is a one time free session
15 min
Wayapa Wuurrk

Wayapa Wuurrk is an all-inclusive practice that focuses on strengthening ones connection to the Earth. Drawing upon various Indigenous Knowings ... and Wisdom from around the world, Wayapa teachings positions us as the caretakers of the Earth and demonstrates ways in which we can create an Earth Mind Body Spirit connection for positive health and wellbeing. Wayapa promotes a healthy lifestyle that fosters positive physical and mental health in alignment with nourishing the Earth that sustains us, but for those just starting it can be as simple as a 25 minute physical practice or a narrative based meditation to slow us down and bring us into the stillness of nature. Read more

1 hr 15 min
500 AUD
In studio
Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing Breathwork is a safe and natural breathing method that connects us with our subconscious mind - the house of our deepest thoughts, ... beliefs and desires. Rebirthing Breathwork is an excellent tool for self-development and is profoundly healing on all levels - physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional. Combined with affirmative thinking and other creative techniques taught by Jem and her team, Rebirthing Breathwork can be a welcomed presence in your daily routine. Read more

1 hr 45 min
250 AUD
In studio
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