Jax Wechsler

Jax Wechsler

School of Being
Falls Creek, New South Wales, Australia
Falls Creek, New South Wales, Australia




Jax Wechsler’s studio location

Falls Creek, New South Wales, Australia

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Nature Constellations & Coaching

Nature Constellations is a relational practice that involves having a felt experience of... Nature Constellations is a relational practice that involves having a felt experience of selected elements within a living system that enables us to gain different perspectives and insight into our lives, families and larger systems. Nature constellations are based in traditional wisdom and sprang from the family constellations of Bert Hellinger and his students. We gather outdoors in nature and sense into situations from an embodied and systemic perspective. It is an embodied practice that can happen in groups or as one on one sessions. The person mapping their constellation will invite people or things from nature to represent different aspects of their system, to stand in relation to each other, and to interact with the facilitator’s guidance. Through a group experience of constellations we can each have a felt experience of life in a particular system, from the point of view of the particular member we’re representing—and create a living map of the system at the same time. During one on one sessions, people can also gain a felt sense of the different parts of the system or situation they are exploring in order to bring a new perspective on a system. Constellating in nature is a great way to come into Life consciousness. Being amongst the trees, being attentive to the particular smells, sounds, colours, and shapes of the bush—tree barks, roots, birds, insects, leaves, water and weather. Each brings delights, where we are once again deeply connected to the thrum of Nature’s rhythms, organically, integrally whole with nature, as if seeing through her eyes. This deep listening to Nature reveals inter-relationships in new ways. The more we attend to Nature, the more we learn. Participation in Nature Constellations can unveil new insights and understandings, supporting change to happen. Read more

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