Lisa Cohen
In2Balance Kinesiology
Collaroy, NSW, Australia
Qualification and identity verified
In2Balance Kinesiology
Collaroy, NSW, Australia
Qualification and identity verified

About me

Lisa is an experienced holistic kinesiologist and mind-body medicine practitioner, who has also trained as a counsellor, providing professional care and support to those who are at the end of their tether, confused, in pain and unsure of what to do next. She specialises in anxiety, pain, trauma, grief and loss, intergenerational trauma and epigenetics, men's mental health, autoimmune disease and phobias. Lisa guides her clients to find the underlying causes of their pain, confusion or stress, ... so they can live with ease and confidence again, feeling light and energised. Other areas Lisa helps with include sleep and digestive disorders, headaches, depression, hormonal imbalance, confidence and clarity. Lisa uses a three-step process in her treatment, whether in person in Collaroy, or remotely via Zoom. Firstly, she does a thorough assessment, including history of illness and health; secondly, a conversation to understand stresses and goals; and thirdly, a Kinesiology session to calm the nervous system, and free stagnation and blockages to ultimately bring calm, flow and balance to mind, body and spirit. As a counsellor in her early career, Lisa quickly discovered that our emotions are held in our bodies, and that our physical health directly relates to our emotional and spiritual health. When she had children though, Lisa was introduced to traditional and complementary medicine including Traditional Chinese Medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture and energetic medicine. The revelation that the ability to access the physical, emotional and spiritual as one then triggered her journey into complementary medicine and holistic kinesiology. Lisa says that when we are healthy and in balance, our innate frequencies and Qi are in tune and flowing freely. When out of balance, our frequencies and Qi are stagnant or blocked. Holistic kinesiology enables her to guide and work with individual frequencies, to bring you into calm, flow and balance. Lisa is passionate about using her skills to help people find themselves, to find their heart, and so be able to live with purpose and worth, being guided by their innate wisdom and intuition. Read more




Membership of professional associations

  • Australian Kinesiology Association
  • ATMS

Education and training

Diploma Kinesiolology - 2016 (The College of Complementary Medicine - areas of study within this Diploma include Acupressure, Chakras, Anatomy & Physiology, Crystal Therapy, Flower Essence Therapy, Primitive Reflexes and more) Diploma Mind Body Medicine - 2016 (The College of Complementary Medicine - areas of study included Acupressure, Body Psychology, Yin/Yang of the body, Body Poster Analysis, and more) Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counselling - 2003 (Tabor College in Sydney) Certificate in Counselling - 1998 (Anglican Counselling Centre) Continuing Professional Development: Sacred Kinesiology with Kerryn Sedgman - 2017 Aromatic Kinesiology 1 with Robbie Zeck - 2018 Metaphors an Acupressure with Ondrej Bursic - 2020 Ongoing training in trauma through workshops and extended training with Bessel Van Der Kolk MD (2018), Pat Ogden (2019)

Holds a relevant Working With Children Check


Working hours (GMT+10:00) Sydney

10:00 AM - 7:30 PM
4:00 PM - 7:30 PM
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
10:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Lisa Cohen’s studio location

Collaroy, NSW 2097 Australia

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Discovery call session

A discovery call will provide an opportunity to ask questions and gain an understanding about your current challenges, goals and pain points. ... This is a key opportunity for us to start building a relationship and understand how I may be able to assist you. You can also learn more about my expertise and knowledge, the success I have had in helping others with similar issues, and consider whether my offerings will be able to meet your needs. Ultimately, a discovery call helps to determine if there is a good fit and we can decide if we would like to take the next steps together. Read more

This is a one time free session

15 min


Holistic Kinesiology

How will you be different after working with Lisa? (All this in person, or online using Zoom or Skype.) * You will feel calmer, able to move ... freely and be better balanced in mind, body and spirit and the ‘new you’ will play out in your life in various ways: * You will re-claim yourself and enable your heart to shine so that you will feel more confident and able to calmly respond to the stresses in your life. * You will feel the inner peace you long for and discover the ‘inner stillness’ that enables connection to yourself so that you feel empowered and able to live your life the way you want to. * Your fears and unhelpful emotions will be released so that you can move with grace and energy. * The physical reactions of your stress will be calmed and eased – pain, hormonal imbalance, immune system problems and cellular memory will all be calmed and balanced, so that you feel energized and at ease. *You will discover your treasure within – your heart – so that you can live your truly unique life in your individual creativity, integrity and trust. We will work together to ‘calm the beast inside’, to bring your whole self into wellness and unity of purpose. What will happen in an appointment - in person, or online? Each appointment will use a combination of Traditional and Complimentary Medicine, and modern Western science practices, including: * Acupressure and meridian theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine * Flower essences and essential oils as from many traditional cultures * Light, cound and colour therapies from traditional and modern theories. *Work based in modern metaphysical and epigenetic theories as well as Chakra energy work from more traditional systems. *Mindfulness, visualizations and focusing are used within the modern Counselling theories of our work together. * Posture assessments or brain function assessments may be used to guide and inform a balance. Every cell, each part of your body has its own frequency, as each emotion does too. We will use these beautiful and gentle vibrational modalities to encourage and change the frequencies within you – from out of tune into your own individual vibration thus restoring wellbeing and health. We will work together to tune those frequencies that have been altered or blocked – back to clarity and balance. Each appointment is stand alone, within a larger framework, so at the conclusion of each appointment you will feel calm and confident and connected – you will have moved closer to your desired and long awaited for HEART. At the conclusion of your balance, you may be given work to do at home – this is to fortify the work done in the session, to continue your body’s work and to enhance your new way of being. You may also be given a flower essence or essential oil to take home with you. I advise a plan of three or four ‘balances’ to fully address your stresses and goals, though as everyone is individual, for you this may be less or may be more. Your first appointment will be two hours, including a full intake of your mind, body, spirit history, then discussion around your immediate stresses, and how you would like to be different and then the kinesiology balance. Subsequent sessions may be 1.5 hours or one hour depending on your preference. As you leave the appointment you will feel calm, peaceful and more at ease – you will sense calm, flow and balance. There will be a unity in body, mind and spirit that you may not have felt for a while. Read more

In person

1 hr

120 AUD

1 hr 30 min

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2 hr

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