Creating An Abundance Mentality

Deborah Shepherd | 14 Sep 2019
Creating An Abundance Mentality

I invite you to breathe in (or close your eyes) for a moment to take a journey back in time, a time when you were a small child.

Remember when you played or spent hours “daydreaming”. In your mind, you could be whoever you wanted to be, you got to exhibit this assumed persona/behaviour while still remaining essentially “you”… you acted “as if”, as it was the truth.

Make Believe

Time flew, as you were caught up in the magic of play, the innocence of childhood and “make-believe”. Then you grew up. Something kicked in, let’s call that the cold facts of  “reality” and the days of being that strong, independent warrior, princess, fairy, artist, fireman, secretary, nun/priest, teacher... the list goes on, disappeared as you needed to live in the real world.

This “real” world seems to be filled with situations and experiences that saw you becoming more reactive, where things happened to you (rather than you created them) and like everyone else, you needed to earn a living, pay your way and do what was expected of you, as you had reached adulthood.

Childhood Magic

I am not surmising that bills don’t arrive and need to be paid, or sometimes things don’t go the way we intend that create anger, heartache or frustration, and perhaps life would be so much easier if we didn’t have the mortgage, the job, the (“fill in the blanks”). However, what if the magic we created as a child was still here at our fingertips, accessed through focus, intent and a strongly held belief that it could influence what we create today – would you be willing to give it a try?

About Affirmations

Did you know, you affirm every day? The question is, what are you affirming?

An affirmation can be a positive statement that can be used to boost your confidence, reduce stress and manifest the life of your dreams by retraining your subconscious mind, or it can be the habitual negative stories and statements you have about yourself that get in the way of your dreams coming to life.

Both are stories that we continually tell ourselves (either consciously, or mainly subconsciously) and you guessed it, can be either life-enhancing statements or ones to keep your dreams at bay, and they are equally affirmations.

So the key is, do you keep affirming with the stories that are holding you back or do you use positive affirmations to raise your vibration, to send out the signals to the universe that will ultimately magnetise the experiences you would like to draw to yourself. The natural law in all this is that the universe doesn’t judge, so either way, whatever you put out there is what is going to come back.

Whatever has our focus, attention or energy, is what grows.

This is how affirmations work. This is not just magical thinking or play-acting. It is the foundation of all magic! We create an intent, find ways to continually reinforce what we desire through the power of words and an energetic belief of its reality and in doing so, we create what we want to see in the world. We can do this with intent or by unconscious sabotaging beliefs.


One of the misconceptions I have fallen into with affirmations is having a pre-determined outcome, and not acknowledging the many ways that my desire could manifest. It can also start a cascade of events. There have been times when things have had to fall away before the end game has arrived and misinterpreting an isolated event when it's part of the process. So throughout all this, you need to maintain a belief that all is well and unfolding in perfect timing and order.

Another common way people can sabotage their affirmations is with their language. Using absolutes, negatives or harsh words such as, “I am always broke”, “Nothing seems to go right for me”, “I am a battler” and “No matter what I do, I can never have enough”.

I invite you to use the power of affirmations to invite abundance into your life.

3 Simple Steps

Create your Affirmation Statement

  • Always write this in the first person, and present tense – it needs to be something that already exists
  • Use positive language
  • Short and simple is easier to remember and use
  • Feel an emotional connection to it, and if you cannot I always find the first step is to replace it with the pretext of ” I am open and willing to ...

Examples of Abundance Affirmations 

“I am abundant and wealthy.”

“I welcome the abundance that I am.”

“Today is a blessing and I am grateful for each moment.”

“It is easy to receive money.”

“Wealth is pouring into my life.”

“My possibilities are endless.”

“It is natural for me to be successful.”

“I deserve prosperity.”

“I am open to the flow of great abundance.”

How To Magnetise Your Intent

  • Begin your morning with a meditation by bringing your affirmation into it, like a mantra.
  • Write down your affirmation. Bring this into your journaling, make a poster (allow your creative juices to flow) or use Post-it Notes (they are great for placing them everywhere you go throughout the day).
  • Repeat the affirmation throughout the day, often!
  • Place them around your home, at work, in the bathroom, as a screen saver etc, whatever works for you, and surround yourself with this beautiful reminder.
  • Visualise the affirmation as it being the truth now. “Act as if” and remember your childhood skills, what would you be like, how would you act, what decisions would you make, how would your day be with this being your new reality?
  • Be mindful of your energy when you are saying your affirmation. Keep it positive, smile, hold the belief that it is already a reality and that you are deserving of all you are creating.
  • When you see “signs” be it a conversation, an image or something that relates to your new reality: acknowledge and energise it, the more you look for abundance, the more you will see and experience.

Reinforce and Support the New Belief

If you catch yourself reaffirming an old belief, don’t berate yourself, or go forward reinforcing it. Pat yourself on the back for becoming aware of a subconscious belief. This is a great first step. Remember, sometimes tightly held beliefs will come up to challenge us when we do this work.

The key is to allow it to shift without too much attachment or energy (you may even get a great insight of another belief that is connected to the reality you are creating, so another opportunity can arise), and then counteract it with your positive affirmation.

If you find this too hard to do authentically then I often use the pretext “I am willing to ….” as my first step and then when I feel I can go back to the original affirmation authentically I do so, as it is so important that you can repeat it with a sense of deservedness and belief.

With affirmations, you may also find times you have a stubborn belief pattern, no matter how much you do affirmations it just doesn’t shift. These times, a third person can assist and you may benefit connecting with a mind/body practitioner to get to the root cause of the subconscious belief pattern.

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