Age Should Not Stop You From Achieving Your Dreams

SoulAdvisor | 20 Sep 2021
Age Should Not Stop You From Achieving Your Dreams

Our mainstream culture holds up ‘hustling’, working hard and being productive as being the standard we should aspire to. Writing for Thrive Global, Ariana Huffington, Founder & CEO encourages us to rethink this and realise that we “actually have more time than we often think we do to realise our dreams and build the lives we truly want”.

Having founded her first company at 55, and her second at 66 – one year after the traditional age of retirement – and still being deeply involved in the leadership of the company at 71 years of age, Huffington is a true example of how the age of retirement is simply a number, and that we can “gather steam as we gather years”.

The importance of prioritising rest and wellbeing

After experiencing her own crisis of burnout and exhaustion at 56, Huffington has learnt first-hand the importance of nourishing our souls and taking time to recharge. She believes that 90% of healthcare problems are connected to the way we live and work, and as these are areas we often have control over, adjusting our behaviours can help us to arrive at old age healthy.

She has drawn on these lessons in her following decades, and as she turns 71 this year, Huffington has reflected on the importance of mental health, rest and wellbeing. Many see retirement as the end of their professional journey, but Huffington shares that:

“When we prioritize our well-being, these can be years not of retreat and withdrawal, but of expansion and engagement, whether personal, professional or both. “

In our impatient culture, Huffington’s insights are an encouraging reminder that we can release ourselves from imaginary deadlines, take time to connect with our souls and find wonder and gratitude right where we are. 

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We Can Build Our Dreams At Any Age | Thrive Global

Arianna Huffington - Author & CEO | Thrive Global

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