Tapping Into Abundance

Jeannine Verriest | 23 Sep 2019
Tapping Into Abundance

Abundance – having plentiful flow, richness, fulfillment, prosperity, quality, more than enough to share, playfulness, awe, inner peace and an infinite openness to life in all its many forms.

Often when we think of abundance we are conditioned to think of money, finances or material wealth. But if you close your eyes for a moment and feel into what abundance means for you, what do you get?

What is Abundance?

For most, the energy of abundance is about expansion and freedom, while the energy of lack creates a sense of constriction or of being restricted in some way. So one of the most important things to do in our exploration of abundance is to create the time and space to air our fears, guilt and shame – anything that weighs us down.

This is not about dwelling on the negative, but about being real, being in integrity with your true self and bringing up anything underneath that may be eating the roots of your abundant tree of life, namely your subconscious and unconscious beliefs.

Write down as many of these beliefs as you can identify or share them with someone close to you. You might ask yourself about any painful memories related to money and about times you have gone without. It may even be relevant to look into your family history and your ancestral story related to abundance.

Now thinking of abundance as an energy, perhaps even the benevolent energy of life, you may choose to take it a step further. After taking a few deep breaths, ask yourself:


Write down a list and see what comes through. Notice that this question is completely different to ‘What do I want?’ Asking what abundance wants for you, allows you to let go of neediness and to access an intelligence beyond the mind. You may be surprised by what life and abundance actually want for you!

Ask yourself what the wisdom of life is seeking to express through you? How willing are you to open to this expression and allow it into form? Even if it means getting out the way, trusting wholeheartedly and truly surrendering to grace?

This notion of trust is a big one when it comes to abundance especially when there are past experiences that have prevented us from trusting ourselves or others. We tend to transfer this inability to truly trust, onto our ability to trust life, which in turn prevents us from allowing life to actually show up for us and deliver the very best.

It is important to clarify that truly, deeply trusting does not mean sitting on the couch waiting for something to happen. It means setting very clear intentions, taking the action steps necessary with ease and grace, then letting go of your attachment to the outcome and opening yourself to receive what abundance wants for you.

Just as it is difficult for people we don’t trust to open and be themselves around us, it is difficult for life to express itself through us if we do not trust it. There are many times that we press the pause, or even the stop button on life because we are too scared of what may come next. Yet as we muster the courage to press play, to allow life to flow again, we reopen the mechanism through which abundance can flow to and through us.


Our role is then to look for ways we can share our abundance with others. By contributing in this way, we allow the energy flow to go full circle, to complete its path and to overflow, enriching others’ lives and co-creating expansion for our families and communities.

For a more in-depth exploration, please see Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett’s book – Consciousness The New Currency. Lisa Messengers book Money and Mindfulness is also a great read for business owners or those looking for practical tips and strategies.


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