Learn To Connect With The Divine Guidance In Your Dreams

SoulAdvisor | 1 Oct 2021
Learn To Connect With The Divine Guidance In Your Dreams

If you’re someone who gets dreams at night, do you do anything with your dreams? This article in Goop shares that if we cultivate a dreamwork practice, we can learn to tap into the spiritual wisdom of our dreams. 

However, not every dream contains a profound meaning, and some dreams are akin to “your mind flushing the pipes”. This is why it’s important to trust your intuition – you may be able to feel when your dreams hold a valuable message (especially if there is a recurring pattern), and when this is the case, learning to explore and connect with our dreams can bring us guidance in our daily lives. Mimi Young, healer and spirit communicator, shares some practical steps for tuning into our dreams. 

Set yourself up for meaningful dreams

Before she goes to bed, Young has a ‘dream ritual’ which includes lighting a candle and misting her room. As with anything else in life, purposefully creating space for our dreams may allow more messages to come through. She then sets a request or intention for her dreams – in her experience, honing in on the intention can translate to more focused dreams. 

Once you’ve settled on the request or intention, write it on a sheet of paper and place it in your pillowcase. Young says that her sheet of paper may stay in her pillowcase for days or even a full cycle of the moon, so be gentle and patient with your expectations.

Steps to build a dreamwork practice...

1. Tune in to your dreams first thing in the morning

The time when you’ve just woken up is the best time to mull over your dreams – what you remember about it, or any emotions it brought – before you are distracted by other things. 

2. Journal your dreams

Recording your dreams is the best way to capture what you remember, and how you felt. Over time, you may even start to notice patterns and themes. Young personally likes to keep a spreadsheet of her dreams, in which she keeps categories such as:

  • what she felt at the time

  • whether there were any symbols

  • what her initial thoughts were about the dream. 

You may take this approach, or feel free to craft your own categories as you become more comfortable with this practice.

3. Make space to connect throughout the day

People rarely wake up with a clear sense of what their dream meant. Young cautions that it may take the whole day, or even weeks before the meaning of a dream becomes clearer, but moments of insight are more likely to come to us if we constantly return to mull over it. 

4. Learn to let your dreams guide your daily life

Dreams are like our ‘built-in oracle’, and can act as feedback or cautioning, or they might help you answer questions or find a resolution to a problem. This is where patterns are particularly useful – if a dream is recurring, ask what you could learn from it. For instance, Young had recurring dreams that she did not rest enough, which prompted her to consider what might happen if she gave herself that rest, and plan how she could prioritise rest for that month. 

Learning to interpret your dreams requires practice and intuition, which builds over time. If you don’t know where to get started, or would like guidance from a professional, our Energy Medicine therapists would love to help you. Click the image below to a free consultation call with one of our qualified complementary health professionals. 

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