Is Your Level Of Awareness Keeping You Trapped In A Vicious Circle?

SoulAdvisor | 23 Oct 2019
Is Your Level Of Awareness Keeping You Trapped In A Vicious Circle?

As a global community, we are becoming increasingly aware of subtle patterns in nature and in our personal experience of life. Many of us are realising we can align our mindset with this flow of life to help us find solutions for problems that might initially seem overwhelming.

Deepak Chopra, MD is a prolific voice in the landscape of holistic wellness. Writing for Chopra, in this article he describes countless conversations he’s had with people who have felt stuck or helpless, unable to break out of the patterns that cause pain in their lives.

Deepak noticed that although people’s individual reasons for feeling trapped and unhappy varied greatly, there seemed to be an underlying pattern of what he calls “contracted awareness” common to these feelings. He compares this level of awareness to having only a candle to light your way around an unfamiliar room, which leads to frustration and difficulty.

As we gradually accept more spiritual guidance from outside of our self-absorbed minds, Deepak suggests that our level of awareness increases. The ultimate aim is to have unlimited light and outlook, allowing us to see all things as they truly are. The closer we get to this ideal, the more effortlessly we can find solutions to the challenges in life -- because the only real problem is that we can’t see the big picture clearly enough.


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