Partnering For Purpose

SoulAdvisor | 31 May 2021
Partnering For Purpose

As consumers, we are getting smarter, savvier and more motivated by our values. Australians are more likely to connect with a brand if they understand the company’s purpose and if they believe in what it stands for.

According to recent research, 72% of Australians regard ethical brand behaviour in their top three priorities when it comes to purchasing products. 

A company with a defined purpose is likely to be more successful, according to Deloitte, which also says customers seek to connect with a brand at a deeper level if it aligns with their own beliefs. Purpose, Deloitte goes on to say, creates an authentic relationship between company and customer; and a sense of accountability and transparency. 

This is also reflected in the Edelman Trust Barometer, where belief-driven buying was reported to drive purchasing decisions by 76% of the global market, who see brands as a powerful force for change, solving many societal problems. 

Since the global pandemic, businesses are now the only trusted institutions globally that are also seen as competent ahead of the government, media and NGOs, which presents an incredible opportunity for purpose-driven and ethical brands to thrive.

In the business sector, the word ‘purpose’ is no longer a precursor to a whimsical conversation. It is now a well-versed narrative that investing in, supporting and buying from companies that are driven by purpose and values serves as the future of business and for a post-pandemic economic, social and environmental recovery. 

Building Trust With Purpose

Since launching recently in Australia, SoulAdvisor has rapidly become known as a trusted brand that has been founded purely from purpose. 

“We exist to ensure people can have seamless access, education and choice when it comes to their health and wellbeing, in order to create a happier and healthier planet,” explained Katrina Savell, SoulAdvisor’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.

“Even as a start up, due to our strong commitment to improving the health and well being of all, we essentially flipped our business model to focus on building strong and ethical foundations first, rather than purely on growth. 

“It's very exciting for us to collaborate with other values-based brands, and we are delighted to align with four of the best, each with a shared purpose to improve our planet and the care of the customer to celebrate our global launch here in Australia,” she said. 

Positive Impact For People And Our Planet  

Bhumi, meaning “mother Earth”, offers sustainable bedding and apparel, and is paving the way for a new era in the textile industry by choosing fairtrade organic cotton for all of its premium products. 

Founded by husband and wife team Dushyant and Vinita Baravkar in 2017, Bhumi aims to create a positive impact on the people and the planet.

“We are about humanity, the environment and our place in that, so I think sharing this interconnection is important and that’s where I see a beautiful synergy with SoulAdvisor,” Vinita explained.  

Dushyant said their organic cotton and textile products were essentially about people’s wellbeing, which is what drives them. 

“We also like to anchor ourselves with three things - complete transparency, certified organic products ethically made in Fairtrade factories and commitment to carbon offsets. Unless these are all ticked off, we don’t make the products,” he said. 

“We are more interested in solving a problem for the person - for example, if they have skin sensitivities or they are a hot sleeper, we recommend a particular type of fabric made from organic cotton.” 

Vinita said that ultimately, to drive all these elements, “it is all about heart”. 

Naturally Beautiful 

Suppliers of luxury organic skincare, haircare, makeup, wellness and lifestyle products made from safe and natural ingredients, Bond Clean Beauty launched in 2018 after its founder, Clare McGrowdie, unexpectedly embarked on her own wellness journey.

Clare, a stylist, had severe reactions to chemically-laden products and after being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune disorders, doctors advised her to keep away from toxic products. So she started her own company to offer natural, premium, non-toxic products. The name Bond refers to the intrinsic connection between humans and nature.

“Wellness is both inside and out and I feel that’s how I’m aligned to SoulAdvisor - you can’t have one without the other,” said Clare. 

“With all my illnesses I ended up turning to complementary medicine practitioners - naturopaths, acupuncturists and integrative doctors - and changed to natural products, so I went on this wellness journey. 

“If I don’t believe in the product I don’t sell it. I have to love it to be able to share it with others and I think people feel that belief.” 

Ethical and Sustainable Performance

Dharma Bums is a performance-driven, ethical and sustainable activewear company that strives to make its customers, the planet and its makers feel good inside and out. 

Debbie Lawson, Dharma Bums co-founder, said the company empowered and encouraged its community to take care of themselves, their mind, spirit and body and the beautiful planet. 

“Empowerment and strength comes when we are able to make informed choices that help us live our best life and enrich the lives of others. Our purpose is to offer that choice,” she said.

As a company of women delivering and designing for women, Dharma Bums’ purpose of empowering women stands at its core. 

“Every single garment we design must empower the wearer and also the maker. This guides every decision we make,” Debbie said.  

“Many of the workers making our garments are women. We are helping to lift hundreds out of poverty, providing them with a way to support themselves and their families. We not only want our community to look and feel great in the garments they wear, we encourage and educate them to be part of a bigger change. Clothes will not change the world, the women who wear them will.”


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