Announcement: The Global Launch Of SoulAdvisor In Australia

SoulAdvisor | 21 May 2021
Announcement: The Global Launch Of SoulAdvisor In Australia

SoulAdvisor is launching and you’re invited to connect with our growing global collective of qualified practitioners across 110 complementary therapies - and win a year of wellness in the process!

To celebrate our global launch, SoulAdvisor is offering you the chance to win a year of wellness in its inaugural competition. You could win a luxury health and wellness package valued at $3000 containing products from premium eco and luxury brands, courtesy of our new partners, and a $1000 SoulAdvisor treatment pass. For prize details, see below.  

Deborah Shepherd, SoulAdvisor CEO Australia and New Zealand, said she was thrilled to launch SoulAdvisor after many months of careful preparation and the onboarding of practitioners. 

“SoulAdvisor has been online for a year but the official launch means our booking functionality is now ready. So customers can now search by symptom or by therapy to seamlessly connect with more than 300 registered (or in the process of being registered) qualified practitioners - either in person or online,” she said. 

“And we have handpicked the highest calibre of practitioners, putting them through our practitioner qualification process so you can expect consistent, quality standards in complementary health care.”

Ms Shepherd said SoulAdvisor’s purpose was to be a global facilitator of health and wellness through access, education and advancement of complementary therapies.

“Our trusted platform gives you the opportunity to make an informed choice about the kind of therapy you might need by entering the health issue you wish to address into our search bar. This unique search option presents you with a list of complementary therapy modalities and links to relevant, evidence-based research to help find the right therapy and practitioner for you.”

SoulAdvisor Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Katrina Savell, said the launch phase was a significant milestone for the platform.

“Till now our focus has been on education and raising awareness of complementary therapies and the science behind them to the public. The next logical step is to enable customers to connect with our trusted brand through a free discovery call or by booking with one of our highly qualified practitioners,” she said. 

“To help people make an informed decision, our platform provides detailed information on the practitioner, including their education and training, their biography, and full description and cost of the kinds of services available.” 

Ms Savell said SoulAdvisor is also excited to announce partnerships with four Australian purpose-driven companies.  

“These companies are all providers of beautiful products as well as being organic, ethical and sustainable and we look forward to sharing our vision with them.”    

The four partner companies are: 

  • Bhumi - sustainable bedding, bath and basics, paving the way for a new era in the textile industry by choosing fairtrade organic cotton for all of our products, creating a positive impact on the people and the planet.

  • Bond Clean Beauty - luxury organic skincare, haircare, makeup, wellness and lifestyle products made from safe and natural ingredients from all over the world.

  • Dharma Bums - performance driven, ethical and sustainable activewear that makes our footprint on the Earth a little lighter.

  • Soulara - plant-based foods delivered with a conscience to guide and inspire you on your plant-based journey - because ‘plant-based’ isn’t a diet - it’s a lifestyle.

Win A Year Of Wellness

The prize bundle includes:  

  1. A 12 month SoulAdvisor pass to spend on health and wellness treatments ($1,000 value)

  2. A premium bedding, bath and basics bundle with thanks to Bhumi ($500 value)

  3. A selection of luxury clean skincare, makeup and wellness products with thanks to Bond Clean Beauty ($500 value)

  4. Beautiful, high performance activewear with thanks to Dharma Bums ($500 value)

  5. $500 to spend with Soulara, delivering delicious meals with a conscience. 

Total value = $3000 

Start your health and wellness journey now by exploring SoulAdvisor’s therapies and don’t forget to enter our ‘Win A Year Of Wellness’ competition


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