Core Energetics

Core Energetics

Release energetic blockages to help you on your healing journey

How can core energetics nourish you?

Developed by John Pierrakos in the 1970s, core energetics can be described as a body-based psychotherapy. This is because practitioners believe emotional trauma and repressed feelings become transformed into blockages or weaknesses of energy in various areas of the body. Core energetics therapy includes physical motion, breathing exercises, healing touch and similar body-based approaches, as well as counselling and discussion, intended to resolve these blockages of energy. 

After being mentored by Wilhelm Reich, an influential and controversial psychoanalyst, Pierrakos partnered with fellow student Andrew Lowen to develop Bioenergetic Analysis. This is a form of somatic therapy, or psychotherapy based on the idea that the mind and body cannot be treated independently, and disorders of the mind cause impaired functioning of the body. Pierrakos parted ways with Lowen, and after marrying Eva Broch (a spiritual medium), went on to establish Core Energetics.

Core energetics is a four-phase process of gradually working through the constraints you have created, often in response to violations of the ‘core self’ experienced in early life, for example through your emotional needs not being met during childhood. As you become aware of these constructs and realise they no longer serve you, and as the blockages of energy in your body are gradually overcome, you will be able to express your ‘core self’ fully and live from a place of joy and authenticity

The modality takes into account interactions between the physical body, emotions, mind, spirit and will, and postulates that everything you need to heal yourself is already within you. The ultimate aim is to become consciously aware of the way all life is interconnected, and find your place within that universal context.

Benefits of core energetics

Academic studies on core energetics are not readily available, so reports of the modality’s benefits come from practitioners rather than peer-reviewed research. Therapists offering core energetics regularly assert that the treatment can help you become emotionally grounded and present in the moment, liberate your creativity and conquer unresolved trauma

The modality is said to support a deeper understanding of unresourceful behaviours and mental patterns. As the ‘emotional wounds’ and insecurities stemming from childhood are gradually resolved, it is asserted that you will learn to let go of psychological limitations which prevent you from living joyfully and experiencing unconditional self-love

Body-related issues ranging from postural problems to expressions of sexuality may be improved through core energetics practice. It is also suggested that core energetics may promote healing of the physical body, for example from chronic tension in muscles, as energetic blockages are released.

Core energetics may assist in relieving symptoms related to:

Anxiety Depression Panic attacks PTSD and trauma Sadness Sexual dysfunction and impotence Stress and tension

What to expect from a core energetics session

A session usually lasts about an hour, and often takes place in a group setting. Due to the physical component of the therapy, it is recommended that you wear form-fitting clothes that do not restrict your movement, and allow the therapist to work directly with your body.

The session will involve physical exercises intended to release release energy blockages, as well as talking and discussion to increase your awareness of how your thoughts and emotions are interconnected with physical responses in your body. 

Core energetics might not provide effective results for major issues with mental health such as schizophrenia or psychosis, in which cognitive processing is compromised. Concerns have also been raised about the premise that all people are essentially pure at their core, as well as the spiritual component of the modality.

As with any exercise or wellness program, please consult your medical professional before commencing core energetics. If you have an injury or other health issue, or any concerns at all, also speak to your core energetics therapist, who will be happy to address these and explore the option of adjusting the treatment to your individual requirements. 


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Frequently asked questions

Core Energetics, developed by John Pierrakos in the 1970s, is a body-based psychotherapy. Unlike traditional psychotherapy, it incorporates physical motion, breathing exercises, healing touch, and body-based approaches alongside counseling and discussion to address blockages of energy believed to be related to emotional trauma.

Core Energetics posits that emotional trauma and repressed feelings manifest as blockages or weaknesses of energy in different areas of the body. The therapy utilizes physical motion, breathing exercises, healing touch, and other body-based approaches, along with counseling, to transform and resolve these energy blockages.

A Core Energetics session typically involves a combination of physical exercises, breathing techniques, healing touch, and verbal communication. The practitioner works with the individual to identify and address energetic blockages, aiming for emotional release and overall well-being.

Core Energetics may be suitable for individuals seeking a holistic approach to emotional healing. Practitioners often claim benefits such as increased emotional grounding, present-moment awareness, and the liberation of creativity. However, individual experiences and benefits may vary.

Core Energetics is designed to contribute to personal growth and self-discovery by addressing and resolving energetic blockages related to emotional trauma. Practitioners believe that this holistic approach can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself, increased emotional resilience, and the ability to overcome unresolved issues.
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