Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy

A natural approach to balance energy through nutrition, massage, exercise and counselling

How can polarity therapy nourish you?

Polarity therapy[1] is a healing system based on the idea that illness starts from stuck energy. Polarity therapy helps energy to flow so health flourishes. The term polarity refers to the scientific law that energy moves from a positive to a negative pole. The goal of polarity therapy is to encourage a continuous current of energy through a person so all areas are charged with vitality.   

Polarity therapy takes a holistic approach to facilitating the flow of energy through the body and consists of four main building blocks[2]. Bodywork involves the therapist using various forms of touches[3] to encourage the movement of energy, while counselling aims to clear energy blocked by negative thoughts[4] and encourage self-awareness and growth. A cleansing diet that eases blockages caused by poor digestion[5] is recommended, and ‘energy exercises’ focus on releasing tension in the body[6]

This modality was founded by Dr. Randolph Stone[7], who had a background as a chiropractor, osteopath and naturopath. Dr. Stone drew on his knowledge of Western Medicine, and combined it with concepts of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine to develop his specialised system in the 1920s. 

Polarity therapy is not a regulated modality, so for treatment of the best quality, choose practitioners with relevant qualifications, and ideally current professional membership with The American Polarity Therapy Association.[8]

Benefits of polarity therapy

The premise underpinning polarity therapy is that blocked energy breeds all disease and sufficient life force can ease any physical or mental maladies. This modality is believed to bring one’s awareness to underlying causes of ailments such as stress and may assist one in releasing them to restore balance to the body.  

Though difficult to substantiate energy healing through a scientific model, recent research has suggested that polarity therapy may decrease insomnia and stress[9]. Another study indicated that polarity therapy may reduce stress in caregivers[10] of people with dementia. 

Polarity therapy may assist in relieving symptoms related to:

Anxiety Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) Circulation and cardiovascular conditions Detoxing and cleansing Digestive and gastrointestinal issues Energy and vitality Flexibility, endurance and strength IBS and bowel disorders Insomnia and sleep disorders Mobility and movement Muscle spasm, tightness and cramps Pain relief Posture and spine issues Relaxation Stress and tension Show all

What to expect from a polarity therapy session

In the initial consultation, your therapist should work with you to identify issues and explain the therapy procedure. A typical session lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes. The practitioner may prescribe a cleansing diet, yoga exercises, counselling and bodywork. 

The simple diet generally recommended for a few days consists of fruit, vegetables, soups, herbal teas and juice. To optimise mental healing, Polarity therapy emphasises the importance of tolerance, non-judgment, forgiveness and connection with higher energy. 

You will remain fully clothed as the therapist employs different techniques[11] including hands off healing, moulding touch, circular strokes, deep pressure and rocking. The yoga-influenced exercises may involve deep breathing, rhythmic movement, stretches, squats and making sounds.

Polarity therapy has been known to release energy or emotions that can cause laughter, tears, breathing changes, deep relaxation, hot or cold sensations and memory recall. A qualified polarity therapist will navigate you through these states to an empowered, peaceful place. 

As with any exercise or wellness program, please consult your medical professional before commencing polarity therapy. If you have any concerns at all, also speak to your therapist, who will be happy to address these and evaluate whether polarity therapy is a suitable treatment for you.


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Frequently asked questions

Polarity Therapy is a healing system based on the idea that illness stems from blocked energy. By facilitating the flow of energy through the body, it aims to promote health. The term "polarity" refers to the movement of energy from positive to negative poles.

Polarity Therapy consists of four main building blocks: bodywork, counselling, a cleansing diet, and energy exercises. Each element contributes to the holistic approach of encouraging a continuous flow of vital energy throughout the body.

In Polarity Therapy, bodywork involves various forms of touch applied by the therapist. These touches are designed to stimulate the movement of energy, helping to release blockages and promote a harmonious flow.

Counselling in Polarity Therapy aims to address energy blockages caused by negative thoughts. It focuses on promoting self-awareness, clearing mental obstacles, and fostering personal growth to support overall well-being.

Polarity Therapy recommends a cleansing diet to address blockages caused by poor digestion. This dietary approach aims to support the body in eliminating toxins and optimizing energy flow.

Polarity Therapy was founded by Dr. Randolph Stone in the 1920s. Dr. Stone, with a background in chiropractic, osteopathy, and naturopathy, drew on Western Medicine, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine to create this specialized healing system.
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