Energy Seeks Balance - How To Rebalance Your Energy

Jennifer Nurick | 31 Dec 2020
Energy Seeks Balance - How To Rebalance Your Energy

Disease As Energy Out Of Balance

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the energy being balanced is Yin (female) and Yang (male). TCM states that natural law is all about maintaining harmony. When the balance is severely disturbed, we experience an unease in our bodies and in our minds.

One in six Australians are currently experiencing depression or anxiety. GPs are seeing more people for chronic pain than ever before, with the number rising by 67% over the last ten years. With the added pressure COVID-19 places on changes to our routine and increased health and financial concerns, attending to our wellbeing is paramount.

How To Rebalance YOUR Unique Energetic System

Everyone’s energetic system is different, so there is no ‘cookie cutter’ answer that fits all. The challenge is to tune into YOUR needs, validate them, allow them and make the changes you need to make to rebalance your energetic system.

Are You An Introvert Or Extrovert?

As an introvert, I receive energy from being alone. There is nothing more blissful to me than a quiet house, a hot chocolate and a good book. One evening alone and I feel refreshed, renewed and rebalanced. For extroverts, they receive energy from being connected to people, so for an extrovert, when they feel depleted, going to a friend’s house and hanging out is what they need to rebalance.

Self Validation And Permission

Once I understand that I need some alone time I need to validate that need and give myself permission to have time alone, which can be difficult in a house full of family and tasks. Once I have validated this need as being important to me, it is up to me to carve out that sacred time for myself. 

Rebalancing All Relationships For Inner Peace

You can apply this rebalancing concept to every part of your life. To relationships, food, media intake, and time at work. Life is in constant motion, and without reflection and attunement to the self, we can be ignored by ourselves! It is up to us to gently rebalance our life when we go off kilter to maintain optimal energetic balance, to have improved mental and physical health and experience more inner peace.

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By Jennifer Nurick on behalf of the International Energetic Healing Association. For more information about the IEHA click here.


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