How can spiritual therapy nourish you?

Spiritual therapies are used to restore a person’s health through different methods of intervention including physical medical and non-medical, mental interventions, and energetic interventions. These offer mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits.

The foundations of spiritual therapies are based on the meaning and purpose of life. Spiritual healing aims to help people heal through physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

Various civilisations have practised spiritual therapies where it was almost always performed in the temples of worship. Its roots include Greece, Egypt, Jerusalem, Babylon, and Asia. At the time, most medical practitioners were priests who were educated by temple scholars. They relied on religion, medicine, and magic to fight off illness, disease, and death.

Benefits of spiritual therapy

Engaging with a spiritual practitioner can yield many benefits. It encompasses a holistic sense of healing, starting with spiritual growth. The spiritual healing journey cuts toxins from the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of an individual, and redistributes the energy to create balance in the body, mind, and spirit.

Because of this, spiritual therapies possess the power to re-energise the organs’ functions, remove toxins, enhance sleep quality, reduce stress, relieve emotional turmoil, free a person from bodily aches, and promote overall well-being.

When undertaking a spiritual therapy session such as Transformational Kinesiology or Body Harmony, this assists with both the emotional and physical aspect of the body. They can remove energy blockages from the body, allowing the energy to flow freely in the endocrine system and further restoring balance and harmony.

These spiritual remedies are able to work most properly when the person receiving them lets go of doubt and fear. The energy people create through fear allows illness to get a hold of their bodies. It is only when people let go of fear that they are able to heal.

What to expect from a spiritual therapy session

There are a number of different spiritual therapy approaches. Depending on your choice, you will experience assessments and treatments for various time periods.

With any of the spiritual therapy options, the patient will need to inform the practitioner of any bodily conditions he or she may have so the therapist can measure the progress. The therapist may ask the patient questions about the issues they could be dealing with.

If you choose a Body Harmony session, this takes one to one and a half hours. The session focus will be about body structure, function and alignment, these will all be discussed in detail with your therapist.

A Pranic Healing session may last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour for a full body treatment or as little as 5 to 15 minutes for localised treatment of a specific issue.

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