The 7 Energy Challenges To Well-Being

Martine Negro | 15 May 2020
The 7 Energy Challenges To Well-Being

Our well being is priceless.

All of us all want it and need it to enjoy every other aspect of our life - from relationships to work and play. Yet achieving a state of wellness requires us to address imbalances in our bodies, and our lives, which is not always easy to do.

After over three decades of clinical practice in energetic mentoring and guiding people back to health, I have found the key considerations have emerged if we are to achieve this balance.

Listen To Your Body Messages

The primary and most fundamental challenge is the ability and willingness to listen to your body messages (fatigue, irritability, tension, pain).

From my perspective, our society does not encourage us to tune in and find out what imbalance our body is showing us but rather pushes us to swallow a pill to eliminate the discomfort and “soldier on”.

In every single case of chronic illness I have worked with, the client goes back to the moments where they discarded the body message they were receiving over and over until they could no longer take it. 

My advice? Listen to the first whisper of your body and correct the imbalance early. In fact, that may pretty much eliminate most chronic diseases.

Get To Know Yourself

As you practice listening to your body, you get to Know Thyself, the most poignant and ancient advice in the history of earth. 

Ask yourself - how well do you know your needs, your values, and your purpose? Do you respect and honour them? Living according to what your system requires nurtures its innate ability to stay balanced.

The better you know yourself, the easier it is to discriminate what is beneficial to you.

How To Create Quality Energy Through Choice

Quality is paramount in all levels of aspects of our life and what we intake whether its physical (the way we choose to live, fresh food, clean water, appropriate movement, rest and sunlight); or psychological (empowering beliefs and mindset), emotional (uplifting and loving) and spiritual (personal connection to Source).

These combined affect the quality of your energy, and our capacity to function harmoniously and repair speedily depends on the quality of our energy.

Manage Your Energy

While you choose wisely, you start managing your energy through awareness and action. You are ultimately responsible and in charge of your personal energy. 

This is critical to remember especially during times of chaos and outer challenges. Your inner space is yours to decide. Managing that precious space will keep you balanced. Balance is health.

Quality Energy Allows You To Let Go 

Having quality energy allows you to be able to let go of what is not serving you any longer (old limiting beliefs or past emotions).

Whether the release occurs naturally or through a facilitator, it will free your energy and stop you draining your vital life force. Letting go brings a sense of peace to the past situation without any left over residues. 

The ability to let go is the number one reason why people stay healthy in their golden years. It allows you to stay in the present moment and live fully. 

Arriving At Wisdom

How do you know you have fully let go? Remember the event while tuning into your body and listen carefully. If you notice any emotion rising up or tension anywhere, these are the residues your body is reminding you about.

During the process of letting go, you gather deep learning and wisdom from the experience that will recharge your whole being with fresh energy.

Healing and learning are two sides of the same well-being coin. We are here to grow consciously and lovingly and we grow by processing every experience and moving up our unique spiritual ladder as we engage new levels of qualities that invigorate our Soul.

Stay Connected With Your Guidance

All the above suggestions guide you to stay connected with your body’s guidance. You now move through life as your authentic self and thrive in the present moment.

As a result of starting to pay attention to your body and practicing consistently, you are now best equipped to stay well and truly enjoy life.

Practice, patience and persistence are time-tested keys to your well-being success.

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