Josephine Doyle
Soul Fusion Yoga
Elizabeth Bay, NSW, Australia
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Soul Fusion Yoga
Elizabeth Bay, NSW, Australia
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Josephine’s first-hand experience and healing through her own practice of yoga may just change your reality and surprisingly, improve other areas of your life. She is sought after by those with physical injuries, working with mental health and providing spiritual guidance if required.  

Her style is unorthodox and direct, working with the physical, mental and emotional body to access healing for her clients on a holistic level, with life-changing results.

 A head on car crash at ... the age of 27 took Jo on a massive journey that opened a life she never expected to lead - as a mentor and yoga teacher. Her story is nothing short of remarkable.

Josephine seriously injured her back in the accident, resulting in four bulging discs. An osteopath warned her the injury would catch up with her in later life, however, she ignored it and went skiing. Eight years later, the pain resurfaced, and Jo endured it for several more years until the pain became so debilitating, she began to pay attention and embark on her journey to heal. 
“I hadn’t slept for more than two hours at a time, the severity of the pain would wake me many times a night and when I did get out of bed I couldn’t stand up straight, for years!” Josephine recalled. “The pain was debilitating on many levels and along with chronic pain, came depression. I was fearful of my future as the lack of physical movement, mental strain and emotional vulnerability had my thoughts focused on life in a wheelchair and that vision was frightening.”

In circumstances that may sound familiar to many, Jo chose to ignore the pain and hoped that in time, things would heal themselves. However after researching the body’s infinite intelligence to heal itself, Jo was determined to understand, learn and explore the process of self-healing. 
“I couldn’t even get down onto the floor at my first yoga class without help. It took small steps and months before I started to feel any benefits, it was only when I trusted the teacher and the process of yoga did I let go of my ego. I had my first ‘aha’ moment when I finally comprehended why the breath is so important and through this, I felt my body begin to repair itself,” she explained.

Josephine’s physical injuries were not the only things that healed during this process. Yoga also nourished her through difficultly in her personal life with compassion, understanding and patience.

Her results began to show for themselves and with determination to help others heal through yoga. Josephine went on to teach sold-out yoga workshops across Australia. 

In 2018, Josephine organised the inaugural Australian Yoga Ball in Sydney, a fundraiser for women and children impacted by domestic violence. Which was the first of its kind in the country.

For the last few years, Josephine has been travelling Australia and New Zealand and teaching yoga,, taking part in the Australian tour of popular country music singer Beccy Cole as her resident yoga teacher and health specialist. Read more




Education and training

Purna Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 - 200 hours Byron Yoga Centre Trauma Aware Yoga Teacher Training Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training The Science and Practice of Teaching Restorative Yoga

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Elizabeth Bay, NSW 2011 Australia

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