Is Travel Good For You?

Justine Bennett | 22 Oct 2019
Is Travel Good For You?

Travel and holidays are the experiences that so many of us yearn for. They’re part of what makes our lives rich and rewarding.

There are a number of different types of holidays that we can experience.

Holiday Choices

There’s the holiday where we plan to go too fast, climb too high, jump off high things, stretch our lungs, challenge our bodies, jolt our senses and make a whole lot of deposits into our adrenalin, adventure and fun bank.

Then there’s the holiday where we take things slow. We recharge, rejuvenate, pamper, nourish, stretch, refresh our mind and revitalise our soul. We refill our energy, nurturing and self-love bank.

There are holidays where we absorb the local culture, holidays that create family memories or build stronger friendships, holidays off the grid or smack bang in the middle of the grid.

There are staycations where we stay put and catch up on all the things we want to do at home and where we take time to enjoy all that we have.

The thing that holidays give us is time. Travel gives us the colour.

Balance and Recharge

In our busy lives, the thing we lack most is time and life can start to look a little grey. We’re working to deadline, racing to finish a report, close a sale, get the bus, pick up the kids, meet a friend, do the grocery shopping, clean the house, get to the gym, cook dinner… The list is endless. It’s exhausting! And it can be boring too if there’s nothing to spice things up.

That’s what holidays and travel do. They give us balance. They’re good for our mental, emotional and physical health. They recharge our batteries and reset our soul.

Holidays have also been proven to improve our productivity and our health, they relieve stress, reduce our blood pressure and enable us to sleep better. They make us happier. It’s even been claimed that they improve our libido.

Travel broadens our knowledge, enriches our experiences, brings us together with people from all walks of life, makes us more accepting and understanding and to top it all off, it makes us more interesting. It gives us more ways to relate to more people. Who wouldn’t want that?

To Travel or Not to Travel

Not taking holidays can lead to stress, burnout, ill health, low self esteem, anxiety and depression. It also puts pressure on our relationships and family dynamics. If you’re indispensible at work, you need to change things so that you can take a break – or accept that the world and the company won’t stop if you step away for a short while.

Where to Next?

The best thing about holidays is that the positive impact has been proven to last for up to a couple of months once you return.

So where will your next holiday take you?

  • Near or far?
  • City or country?
  • Adventure, nurture, culture, family, shopping, arts, party, health retreat or poolside?
  • When and for how long?
  • Solo or with others?
  • Budget or luxury?

Making a Healthy Deposit

What “bank” needs filling the most in your life?

Plan a trip and book it. Even doing the research can be exciting! Talk to friends and colleagues, ask for tips and recommendations. Start a board on Pinterest. Make notes and keep a journal of things to do while you’re away.

The bottom line is that travel and holidays are good for our souls. Taking time out from our usual routine, time to bond with those we love or re-discover our self is vitally important to our overall health, happiness and wellbeing.

Booking a holiday is a clear signal that you’re putting yourself and your loved ones above the demands of your work and life in general. And that’s where your priorities need to be.

You are the priority.

Book it now. Thank me later. And send us a postcard.

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