How To Retain Your Optimism For Travel In A World Of COVID-19

SoulAdvisor | 1 Oct 2021
How To Retain Your Optimism For Travel In A World Of COVID-19

Holidays are something so many of us look forward to. Whether it’s a weekend away, or a sabbatical to an exotic locale. Breaks are also essential for our mental health, as Dr Paula Robinson, managing director of the Positive Psychology Institute tells the ABC in this article.

However, do cancelled holiday plans sound familiar? Ever since COVID-19 became part of our reality, it’s likely that you’ve had holiday plans cancelled. While cancelled holidays are truly a first-world problem, the feelings of disappointment are valid. Dr Rebecca Diehm, clinical psychologist and lecturer at Deakin University says that these feelings arise because we have invested so much effort and emotion into planning our holidays. 

Acknowledging our feelings can help us move past the disappointment, and set a positive example for any disappointed children we may have as it shows them that it is ok to express their feelings. 

Unfortunately, given the current coronavirus situation in the world, cancelled holidays may feature more than we like in our plans. Here are some ways we can learn to live with unpredictability. 

How To Retain Your Optimism For Travel In A World Of COVID-19

3 tips for planning travel in a world with coronavirus...

1. Read the fine print

We may not be able to control whether our holiday is cancelled, but we can control whether we lose the finances for the holiday. Where possible, choose travel and accommodation options with flexible cancellation or booking options. Travel insurance is also an option that may give you more peace of mind, but always read the fine print to check that it covers coronavirus-related cancellations.

2. See if your workplace can accommodate flexible arrangements

Given the speed at which situations can change, it’s a good idea to speak to your manager before you book your leave to see if they would mind if you cancelled your leave at the last minute, or changed the dates. If your holiday proceeds as planned, it’s also a good idea to take your work laptop with you, in case you have to stay longer than planned at your destination. 

3. Change your mindset

Holiday plans will continue to come with an element of uncertainty for a while, and it will help if we embrace it as it is something we cannot change. This also makes it all the sweeter when we are able to get away for a holiday. It might also be a good idea to have a back up plan for planned holidays, especially if you have children – this way, if your original plans don’t go ahead, you can still have a fun time with them. 

If you would like to speak to someone for help with shifting your mindset, our mind therapy practitioners may be able to help. Click on the image below to book a free consultation call with our qualified complementary health therapists. 

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Dr Paula Robinson | Positive Psychology Institute

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Dr Rebecca Diehm | Deakin University

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