The World On Your Plate

Jeannine Verriest | 17 May 2019
The World On Your Plate

I absolutely love food! If you sit down and think about it, food is a major part of almost every aspect of your life. From your finances, to your relationships, to your health, to your climate, your home, your country, culture and belief systems.

Even our language and the way we speak is coloured with references about food. You might be ‘as sweet as pie’ or finding your day ‘a piece of cake’, you may be ‘as cool as a cucumber’ or onto ‘the best thing since sliced bread’.

Whatever you do, and almost anywhere you go in our fortunate society, you know that you will never be far from your next meal.

A Food Adventure

Food is like a doorway to a new and exciting world that you may never have travelled through before.

The food we eat can be filled with secrets, with unknown twists and turns and with endless possibility for joy and sharing.

As you sit down to a meal with friends or family, you never know just what kind of adventure is before you. Perhaps a quiet conversation where old stories are fondly remembered, maybe a bold announcement or a torrent of raucous laughter that fills the whole room.

You may like to explore something different on the menu from time to time that entices your senses to dance. Hot chilli, bitter lemons, freezing ice, crispy meringue, juicy nectarines, sweet bananas, all bringing you a different sensory experience, opening you to a different experience of yourself and of life.

Each ingredient has the potential to take you to a different part of the world, allowing you to explore a different culture, perhaps even a different moment in time. Many tastes are far beyond our ability to describe in words. They challenge us to think in new and abstract ways and to respond according to what resonates or strikes a chord within us.

Inherent in your food and the way you eat is also your story.

Your Food 'Story'

Do you eat quickly or slowly? Do you rush through life or go with the flow? Do you eat everything together or go through each part in a specific order? Do you go in hands first whenever you can or precisely use your knife and fork, taking care to keep everything neat and tidy? Are you wanting to keep up with the crowd or happy to eat at your own pace regardless? Do you like to cook for yourself or is takeaway a regular occurrence for you?

Food is Energy

Food also gifts us with the opportunity to connect to the spiritual world. As Denise and Meadow Linn, authors of The Mystic Cookbook say, if you are feeling uninspired or stuck for time, why not call on your kitchen angels to give you a hand and assist you with your preparations.

You may like to cook meals that correspond with your particular energetic needs, using colour, texture and taste to bring balance to your chakras and aura. By remembering that food is energy, you can open a whole world of possibility by blessing your food, treating it with love, care and respect and so, absorbing those energies as you eat.

You may like to be creative, setting intentions for what you would like a specific meal to create. The Mystic Cookbook describes making a prosperity meal. What would you cook if you were wanting to enhance or enter into the energy of prosperity and abundance?

Which foods, tastes or textures make you feel luxurious or offer you a sense of richness? You may like to make a meal that invokes clarity in your being or that entices you to dream.

Open yourself to the possibilities present in your next plate of food. Where is it wanting to take you?

What story does it have to tell? How can you use each ingredient to its absolute potential, honouring the journey it has been on to get to you? Can you dance around the kitchen as you cook, play beautiful music and give your meals the time they deserve?


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