Tune Into Healing

Susie Nelson-Smith | 25 May 2020
Tune Into Healing

From conception to our final farewell when we take our last breath, sound is a perennial aspect of life. We are built for sound – we laugh and cry, groan and moan, hum and sigh. We vibrate to a symphony of sounds – our brainwave patterns, the rhythm of our heartbeat, the gurgle of our digestive system and so on. Sound is an intrinsic part of our world – in our bodies and our environment.

In the bustling modern world, the energy systems within us have to contend with input from multiple sources outside of the sounds made by ourselves and nature. When we feel ‘out of tune’ or ‘off key’, it is understandable why many of us seek assistance in recalibrating our nervous system, our mental wellbeing and our physical health to a state of resonant harmony. 

An ancient way to wellness

Sound healing is the technique of using sound to create balance, alignment and transformation in the physical body, the energy centres called ‘chakras’ and the energetic field surrounding the physical form.

In many cosmologies and religions around the world, sound is recognised as the creative force of life. According to the Christian Bible, “In the beginning was the Word;” the ancient Hebrew Qabalah states that by uttering the sacred name of God, the world came into being. In Ethiopian faith God and the universe was created when God uttered his own name, and there are many other similar examples. 

The ancient mystical schools have all considered sacred sound as a creative and healing force, and regardless of whether it takes the form of chanting, song, prayer, even drumming, sound has long been considered a direct link between humanity and the divine.

The modern crystal bowl

The crystal singing bowl phenomenon began in the 1970s, with the advent of quartz crystal crucibles. These crystal bowls were capable of containing the intense energy needed to grow silicon wafers for use as semiconductors in the computer industry. Over time, these vessels graduated into musical instruments; they are made of the purest silica sand, spun in a centrifugal mould and heated to about 4,000°C. 

The evolution of crystal singing bowls continues, and alchemy crystal singing bowls bring another energetic dimension to these transformative instruments. Silica quartz crystals are combined with precious gemstones, rare earth and other metals to make bowls that represent a giant step forward in terms of their energetic footprint.

Crystal singing bowls act as a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern technology. Crystal sound therapists playing crystal singing bowls are uplifting, inspiring, healing, transforming and recalibrating individuals, groups and environments all over the world with what has been described as the purest tone that can be created.

How can crystal singing bowls affect us?

It has been written that some of our healthy human tissues are more crystalline than fluid in nature. Mitchell Gaynor, Director of Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Strang Cancer Prevention Center in New York states that “the framework of bone and collagen is partly comprised of calcium phosphate crystal. All these crystals must have a “resonation potential” and no doubt the sounds produced by quartz crystal are more harmoniously in tune with our own crystalline structures than sounds emitted by other bowls or instruments.” 

It’s intriguing that modern science, the energetic field of study and enquiry and the world of music are drawing closer in their understanding of the potency of sound from crystal. Marcel Vogel, who worked as a senior scientist at IBM for 30 years, was a celebrated researcher into the transcendent properties of quartz crystals. He concluded that “the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the powers of the user’s mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form.”

The pure vibration of the crystal singing bowls, combined with the intention of the practitioner, can have a profound effect on our physical bodies and our energy fields. Even if the effect on the outside world is only gradual and incremental, the sound vibrations of these crystal bowls are transforming the world one rotation, one breath and one beautiful tone at a time.


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