Sustainability In Your Own Backyard

SoulAdvisor | 17 Sep 2021
Sustainability In Your Own Backyard

Escaping to the backyard for a potter in the garden is good for our health - and looking after our little green patch can be good for the planet, too. 

In this article for The Guardian gardening with big picture environmental consciousness can make a difference according to James Wong, who provides several tips on ways to make your garden more sustainable. 

Plants from large stores generate greenhouse emissions because they have been grown in commercial nurseries using electricity and transported. Seasonal plants are generally treated as disposable as they are produced to be planted then removed after just a few months. 

Start from scratch to benefit our planet

Propagating your own plants or growing from seed has less impact on the environment. Use seed catalogues or collect cuttings from your friends and neighbours, and choose perennials or self-seeding annuals. 

Growing your own vegetables from seeds (or seedlings) of course, is a win-win. There’s no food waste, no packaging and no transport required, so you’re reducing your footprint. 

Sustainability in your own backyard

The simple act of planting a tree in your garden from scratch means you’re helping to draw carbon out of the atmosphere. Composting your garden prunings (and your kitchen scraps as well) helps create nutritious soil and saves them from going into general waste. 

If you can’t compost your garden waste, consider getting a green waste bin, a service provided by more local councils these days, who usually convert the waste into nutritious garden mulch. 

Finally, leave the soil alone for a while rather than regularly digging it up, which releases stored carbon.

The end result could be a beautiful hedge that is generally more attractive than a fence or wall, or a colourful vegetable or herb patch that you can use in our meals each day. However you decide to create your sustainable backyard, it’s good for you and for our planet.

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