Mantra – A Lifeline in the Midst of Madness

Mantra – A Lifeline in the Midst of Madness

Most people acknowledge there is a sense of pressure in our modern lives that has increased exponentially in recent years. For many, there is confusion – how can we be so strung out, stressed and struggling, when we are supposedly more well-off than ever before?

We are bombarded by unrealistic ideals and unhealthy images through most mediums of mass messaging - war, civil unrest, social collapse, environmental destruction and economic pressure. 

Our bodies are overloaded with toxins in our food and the very systems of life that support us. These last few years in particular have seen us enmeshed in energies of division and fear. The unattainable dream we were sold has wreaked havoc. 

As we scramble for more of the external markers of success and happiness, we have become increasingly disconnected from the vastness and truth of our inner connection with the infinite oneness - God, nature, Gaia, source - use whatever name works for you. 

We are missing that ‘something’, and no amount of stuff or consumption of the things of the world will satisfy the constant craving (thank you, KD Lang). We are afraid of simplicity and silence and we don’t know how to navigate to the inner harbour of tranquillity, peace and self-love.

Power Sounds – Mantra and Yoga of Sound

Have you ever experienced the joy of humming? Even this simple act can have amazing health benefits, triggering within the body the release of the powerful and naturally occurring feel good chemical, nitric oxide. [1] [2]

Mantra meditation and sound-based practices, specifically the yoga of sound, invoking the healing power of our own voice, has been one of the most profound tools of inner transformation in my awakening. It is my great joy to share these practices with others and to see the effect on their physical, emotional and mental states within a short session. It’s a pathway of spiritual connection and transformation; a tool for the soul. 

With the repetition of high vibrational sounds, we engage cosmic forces that can affect our reality. As Dr David Frawley so eloquently says: “All over the world, we find traditions of special words of power, magical phrases or secret codes that can unlock the great mysteries of life otherwise unapproachable to the human mind.”

Sacred Sanskrit Sounds

I’m particularly drawn to the ancient and sacred Sanskrit sounds and have been amazed at the palpable feeling within my own being invoking these energies, experiencing a transformation in my consciousness over time.

I’ve been chanting for many years, but my own practice totally went to another level when I learned about the specific mouth placements for the sounds. There are almost double the sounds in Sanskrit compared to what we use in English. 

Understanding this and experiencing how to make the sounds will connect you with more of the power in the sounds. It’s the difference between painting in black and white, or having a whole technicolour palette.

You Are The Universe

Many of us understand the concept that we are energy and vibration, and that everything is energy. The Sanskrit sounds connect us to universal energies, correlating to the universe within our own being. 

Each sound resonates a different chakral petal (the energy centres with our subtle body) and key points or physical regions in the body. The sounds connect us with more of the essence of our true nature, reverberating through the elemental energies subtle energy flows within us.

Healing Sounds

As we chant mantras with devotion, focus, and as much precision as we are able, we are in essence attuning ourselves to these frequencies and higher energies. We can affect and alter our mood and energy using guided and intentional sound frequency. 

A Boston University School of Public Health article references a study by the American Journal of Psychiatry about the positive effects of mantra on veterans with reduction of symptoms of PTSD and insomnia.[3]

Repetition of mantra can help us to still the mind, defragment, reset and lift our vibration. It shifts us out of fight/flight and activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Returning to the practice each day is an investment in oneself, a commitment to prioritising inner health and wellbeing.

Powerful, portable and now more widely accessible, many of the chants that we can now experience through social and streaming platforms would, at one time in history, have only been accessible to the priest class or initiates. 

We are very fortunate to have access to the wisdom of this science of sound. 

May this article spark an interest in you to explore for yourself the benefits of mantra. It really is something to be experienced and felt within your being - the journey of awakening to the Self through mantra and sound.



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2. The Humming Effect: Sound Healing for Health and Happiness by Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman

3. Mantram Repetition Effective In Treating Veterans With PTSD | Boston University


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