Pilgrimage To A Country Organic Garden

Margie Hare | 18 Jun 2019
Pilgrimage To A Country Organic Garden

As a Qigong health practitioner, I am here to encourage, inspire and share with you the benefits of taking charge of your health naturally by growing your own organic food.

I have always had a connection to the earth, gardening is my passion and I feel at one with mother nature and all her wonders.

Throughout my travels, I have established many gardens - from my organic fruit, veggie and herb garden in the Blue Mountains to a food forest on an organic property up on the North Coast of NSW.

I noticed whenever I have found myself without a garden a part of me dies, truly missing the connection and joy it brings.

organic garden

Go Organic

For me, the Qigong lifestyle is the cornerstone of nourishing health. This includes eating local and organic food at regular meal times to nourish the body. For me, that food is best when homegrown.

So when my organic supplier of 15 years mentioned that the cottage on his mother’s organic farm was vacant, I immediately went to view it. I did not even take in the drafty, dilapidated cottage with its unpainted hardboard walls. All I could see, beyond the weeds in the dusty patch outside the cottage, was the potential of planting an organic food forest from scratch once again. There was no garden at all, but I was up to planting one and having body and soul nourished once more.

That was nine months ago. Now I am once again surrounded by bourgeoning homegrown plants – a verdant herb garden at the front door; rhubarb, pumpkins and chard sprawling from straw bedding; the smell of rich earth and the sound of bird song all around.

Easy Gardening 

So how did I do it? I find it’s easy to create my own organic garden. Basically I am a lazy gardener. I do not like weeding so I keep the soil well mulched at all times. I use various mulches to add different properties to the soil.

By adopting the no-dig principle, the worms and all the amazing microorganisms do the work for me.

They aerate the soil better than I ever could and break down compounds, making nutrients more available for plant uptake. This supports healthy plants with good levels of vital nutrients for our bodies.

organic garden carrot

It is all about the soil, which is a living and breathing, life-supporting system. Where soil is thriving it can support an amazing ecosystem above it.

Two Essentials Requirements

  • Compost heap – compost added to the soil helps to hold water and nourishes the soil
  • Worm farm – the worms supply valuable nutrients and increase biological diversity

Reasons to Grow Your Own Food 

  • allows you to connect with nature daily
  • protects future generations
  • prevents soil erosion
  • protects water
  • saves energy
  • keeps chemicals off your plate and out of your body
  • promotes biodiversity
  • tastes better.

One of the great things about having an organic food garden is saving money and knowing your own health, and that of your family, will not be compromised.

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Margie Hare

Margie Hare is an aromatherapist, massage therapist, award-winning herb expert, key note speaker, organic gardener and Qigong teacher.

A former winner of the prestigious Herb Woman of the Year award in South Africa, Margie has also been a keynote speaker at the International Aromatherapy conference and is a best selling author. She also holds a postgraduate qualification of lymphoedema management through the Dr Vodder School of Austria.

Margie believes Qigong is the cornerstone of health, well being and anti-ageing along with consuming organic food. Passionate about organic gardening, her mission is to inspire people to take charge of their health naturally through public speaking, workshops, demonstrations, live- streaming and videos on her YouTube channel, Nature Health.

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