The Sacred Movement Of Stillness

Jeannine Verriest | 22 Sep 2019
The Sacred Movement Of Stillness

The word movement is usually something we associate with physical activity or physically ‘doing’ something. Have you considered though, that movement occurs on many different levels, is happening all the time and in fact, takes place whether our bodies are ‘active’ or not?

Continuous Movement

At a physical level, movement is happening every second, of every minute, of every day. Your body’s innate wisdom allows your heart to beat, your lungs to expand and contract, your eyes to blink and your hair and nails to grow, without you consciously doing anything to create that movement. When you look at a huge tree, it looks so solid, stable and still, yet within it is a world of movement, process, growth and change.

Sound is another way we can create movement without physically moving. The music you listen to is creating movement and form within and around you, shifting energy at a cellular level. Every word you speak is creating a ripple effect in the field around you, moving energy in particular waves and formations. At times these waves flow out to others creating love, harmony and gratitude, and at other times these waves create hurt and sadness, or even begin to move the energy we call anger.

Emotions as Movement

On that note, our emotions are a form of movement too. You may have had an experience of feeling so joy-full that you thought you were going to burst open with excitement! If you bring your awareness to your emotions as you are feeling them, you will notice that just like the wind or the great rivers, they run through us with varying degrees of intensity and speed.

By allowing emotions to flow as they need to, you open a space for movement to occur within you at a deep and profound level.

This movement of energy, just like the movement of water, may be gushing through to end a drought or gently cleansing a new path that you may not have followed before.

Thought as Movement

At an energetic level, every thought you think is creating movement. Each thought sends out a signal that moves you closer to, or further away from, your dreams, passions and desires. Your pure intentions are powerful beyond measure! They literally have the ability to open you to the endless possibility around you or create the very limitation that you may be focusing on.

In this way, your thoughts, words and intentions create an expansion or contraction in your body and your field, movement in its simplest, yet arguably most powerful, form.

What Does This Mean?

When you are aware that life is constantly moving in different ways, on different levels, you can gift yourself the freedom to surrender to this natural flow, knowing that at times you will be speeding through the rapids and at other times, gently floating through a shallow stream. During these times that you are floating, it means that you don’t need to fight to create more movement than what is naturally occurring.

By acknowledging that movement is always taking place, you can take action with ease and grace rather than with exertion or force.

If you are feeling stuck, lost or confused, it may mean beginning with the form of movement that feels best for you at that time. For example, following up on a phone call, going for a drive, doing number 5 on your to-do list or having a power nap.

By taking action on something, you will begin to move the energy within and around you. This will, in turn, activate the universal law of momentum: when you energise an idea, your action allows the Universe to support you (Kent).

Finally, it means that the most powerful way to create movement is on all levels, with your thoughts, beliefs, language and actions supporting each other to form a steady current that effortlessly carries you on your way.

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