Animals Are Talking - Are You Listening?

Trisha McCagh | 16 Nov 2020
Animals Are Talking - Are You Listening?

Animals believe it or not, are just like us. They hurt, get confused and can become unhappy. They also need love and attention and importantly, to be included as part of their human family and treated with the upmost respect. Once you understand the intelligence and multi-level facets of the animal world, your life and theirs will change forever - I know this because it happened to me.

Animals communicate in a silent language, and humans communicate in a verbal language. When we meet someone who does not speak our language, we don't assume that they have nothing to say, we just can't understand them. If we wish to communicate with them we either have to learn their language or use an interpreter. This silent language is both telepathic and intuitive. Animals are already masters of telepathic communication and talk to each other in this way, and any species including humans.

Telepathy which means sending and receiving messages through a mind to mind connection. Intuitive or inner sensing involves the direct transmission of feelings, emotions, intentions, thoughts, mental images, impressions, sensations, and pure knowing. In this kind of communication you do not read body language or make guesses based on physical behaviour.

I have been in love with animals since my life began. I could see through their eyes and communicate with them as if one of them. When I was two years old my mother was looking for me and found me lying in the dirt on my side looking into the eyes of our dog ‘Boy’ in silent connection. At 4 years of age I was often discovered down on all fours eating grass with our pet lamb. Up until the age of 7 years instead of watching TV like other kids I was in the backyard galloping and neighing like a horse. I felt, even at that young age, I wanted to experience the entire essence of what it is like to be a horse. Horses reminded me of the strength and freedom that is waiting to be unleashed in us all.

My childhood was not always easy and sometimes trusting humans was a problem. Animals soon became my best friends and confidants. I would tell them not only my secrets but my hopes and dreams. Their amazing unconditional love and ability to not judge you or the situation made my life richer and more fulfilled. Animals seemed to understand me in a way that humans couldn’t. You can rely on animals as they will never let you down and they don’t know how to be cruel. In my opinion we have a lot to learn from them in so many ways.

This silent language happens in several ways. I can hear the words that animals speak in my mind, and I also get a lot of visuals, either in pictures or like a video. These messages come telepathically. I can also feel their emotions and physical issues within my own body. My intuition is able to pick up all these images and impressions to give added information about any animal as a type of ‘pure knowing’. The wonderful news is that everyone is born with this ability, so we are all capable of communicating with animals in this way. Imagine having a two-way conversation with your dog or cat, it is quite extraordinary.

My Story – Do You have One Similar?

I can remember vividly the first time as an adult I heard an animal speak to me. It was my cat named ‘Beau’. Our bond was so strong that people would remark there was something so special between us that went way beyond pet and human. The link I shared with Beau I had never experienced with any other animal, I am sure you have had the same happen to you. This little cat was so gentle and loving and gave me a sense of calmness I had never experienced before. He was definitely an old soul as I could feel his wisdom.

When Beau was 13 months old my whole world came crashing down. My husband Peter and I came home one day to find Beau wasn’t at the door to greet us. His beautiful sister Mattie was but no Beau. I ran around our apartment frantically trying to find him and finally found him on the floor collapsed and his legs rigid and dribbling from his mouth. My legs felt weak and my heart beating out of my chest.

I called out to Peter and we bundled up our gorgeous Beau and raced him to the vet. After many tests they found he had a genetic disorder and placed him on life support. I couldn’t believe the speed of his deterioration or the fact they only gave him a 50% chance of survival. I remember being by his side at the vet, just the two of us. I placed his paw in my hand and the side of my face on his and said “Come on Beau, you are a big strong boy you can make it, you have to try”. Tears were streaming down my face and I could feel my heart breaking. I heard him say to me “You have to let me go, you have to set me free”. I heard it so clearly and although I wanted him to make it so badly, I couldn’t ignore his wish. My beloved Beau passed to the other side. My life changed that day, I was a new path a new direction in my soul purpose.

How Does Animal Communication Work

Animals began communicating with me from everywhere on a daily basis. My beautiful cat Mattie became my supreme teacher and gave me the guidance, encouragement and confidence to take this communication to great heights. I also realised that even though an animal had passed that the communication connection still existed. I remembered speaking with Beau about that last experience I had with him. I asked "Couldn’t he have remained on the earth plane and just given me a message that I would be the voice of the animals?" His answer was very profound. He said “When everything is perfect, nothing grows”. If I had remained it would have been far easier to continue life as it was. You are now following your path as a remembrance of me. His message still shapes my outlook that life is a myriad of twists and turns in an on-going learning process.

A New Way to Look at Animals

The more you respect an animal’s intelligence, engage in conversation with them, the more amazing their responses are. They have opinions and desires just like we do, but that doesn’t mean there are no boundaries. It will make you realise there are more alternatives to the way you look at the world. You will also become aware that animals are a large part of your life purpose but they also have their individual purpose on the earth plane that they need to fulfill.

Levels of Communication

※ Personality Level: Food the animal likes, where they sleep, favourite toy

※ Soul Level: The role the animal plays in your life purpose

※ Spirit Level: Communication with the animal in the realms, lighter finer energy

※ Group Soul Level: A species collective or a spokes-animal for that group

※ Universal Level: Channelling universal information through animal frequencies

This ancient silent communication as you can imagine tells the real story behind an animal’s existence as merely observing behaviour is very limiting. I am still in awe of the more complex levels of this communication.

  • Why is animal communication so important?
  • Deepening the understanding, intimacy and bond you have with your animals
  • Overcoming behavioural problems by discovering the reasons behind their actions
  • Healing emotional and physical trauma through energy and counseling
  • Facilitating training for greater understanding
  • Aiding in the support of health issues (although never a substitute for veterinary medicine). Animals are extremely good at describing their symptoms and in some cases the practitioner can intuitively guide medical problems that may go unnoticed.
  • Understanding your animal’s view on how they view their lives and their relationship with you
  • Euthenasia - Death and dying (understanding how animals view and experience this whole process)
  • Communicating with animals in spirit
  • Locating lost or misplaced animals

3 Easy Steps to Talking with Animals

Just Being – Being present or in the now with an animal without interaction. So sit with your cat or dog in the same room or in the paddock with your horse and just share space and time. Sit quietly and feel each other’s presence without expectation.

Getting in the ‘Zone’ – Quietening your mind through mindfulness and meditation. When your mind is still and in the present you will be able to hear the thoughts and words of animals. When your mind is too stimulated animals get a busy signal when they try to connect with you.

The Connection – Start your conversation with them directly. Ask them a question with your mind and the very instant first words, thoughts or visuals will be from them. Make sure you have already carried out the first two steps.

When you are talking to them try to imagine receiving an answer or response if you are finding it difficult at first. Then acknowledge this answer or response to your animal by way of words actions or gestures. For example, if you ask the animal how they are feeling today and you think they said great then say to them how pleased you are they feel great. Even if you are totally unsure whether they said anything or not you can pretend they did. Just make sure you always acknowledge it. You could even ask if they would mind coming over to you and see if they do. If they don’t then just acknowledge they didn’t want to at this time and that is okay. After all they are not puppets to jump to every request we make. Try this exercise for 3 weeks continually and see what transpires.

You can then try this on any animal you come across and would like to communicate with. It is great practice!

When you have done this exercise for some time you should notice a distinct change in your experience with your animal friends. They will respond differently to you because firstly you are treating them with a higher level of respect and dignity. Secondly they will recognise and appreciate the effort you are making in trying to communicate with them. After awhile this will become very natural to you.

Thoughts to Takeaway

Animals take you on a journey of exploration of your inner self, this planet and far beyond. One of the limitations that stops this depth of knowledge is not being able to see an animal beyond the feathers and fur. They have come onto this earth to impart their incredible knowledge and wisdom as master teachers. If we follow closely in their footsteps we will definitely find the part of our self that is not only beautiful but authentic. They teach us to love who we are and those that are around us.

Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is natural. They show us what’s missing in our lives and how to love ourselves more completely and unconditionally.


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