How Reconnecting With The Earth Can Improve Your Wellbeing

SoulAdvisor | 19 Aug 2021
How Reconnecting With The Earth Can Improve Your Wellbeing

With an increasing number of studies on subjects ranging from mindfulness to the connection between gut health and psychology, holistic wellness is becoming impossible for mainstream science to ignore.

In this article for Healthline, Eleesha Lockett acknowledges that research into grounding (also known as ‘earthing’) is in its infancy, but she still manages to share an impressive body of evidence from several reliable studies.

In its simplest form, she explains, grounding involves physically putting your bare skin in contact with the earth’s electrical field. This can be achieved naturally, for example by walking barefoot on a beach, or by more complex means such as sleeping on a mat connected to an electrical grounding circuit.

Earthing is believed to have an antioxidant-like effect which strengthens the immune system and improves the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Some of the studies are small in scale and include subjective results such as a person’s own opinion of how much better they’re feeling. But in others, Eleesha observes, clinical measures including white blood cell count and markers for inflammation play an important role.

The results consistently suggest that grounding not only improves mood and reduces pain, but also has measurable effects such as repairing muscle damage and reducing high blood pressure. It’s also believed to be beneficial for chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression.

Writing an impressively balanced post, Eleesha even considers potential risks of grounding, but it’s clear that these are not exactly high-concern issues. The bottom line, she concludes, is that realigning your body’s natural electric charge by reconnecting with the earth can have genuine therapeutic benefits -- and it definitely warrants further research.


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