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How can essences nourish you?

Essences are gentle remedies infused from colours, crystals, flowers, gems or shells. Just as the medical field uses energy fields such as radio waves, infra-red or ultraviolet rays for treatment, Essences are based on the understanding that natural elements contain healing energy. 

Essences are a mild modality enhancing emotional wellbeing in people and animals. They can be ingested as drops or applied as sprays and body products. As there is no material trace of active ingredients in essences, they act through a substance’s energetic signature.[1] The vibration triggers shifts in a person’s energy field in line with the subtle principles of homeopathy

This energetic medicine modality encompasses an assortment of systems including Angelic Essences®[2], Aura-Soma Colour Essences®[3], Bach Flower Remedies,[4]  Australian Bush Flower Essences®,[5] Crystal and Gem Essences,[6] North American Flower Essences[7] and Shell Essences.[8]

Each essence range has a history often with a philanthropic founder following their intuitive drive. In the twelfth century abbess Hildegard von Bingen[9] used flower essences to treat emotional imbalances. In the 1930s British physician, Dr. Edward Bach[10] developed 38 Bach Flower Remedies, which is one of the most well-known systems to date. Aura-Soma® was created by Surgical Chiropodist Vicky Wall[11] in 1983 after losing her eyesight. Australian naturopath Ian White[12] developed the Australian Bush Flower Essences® in the 1990s.

Certificate courses are available for some of the essences such as The Advanced Practitioner Certificate of Completion in Australian Bush Flower Essences.[13] Often health practitioners will prescribe essences in conjunction with other recognised therapies offered. Essence practitioners are not accredited in Australia as a stand-alone modality. 

There are over 400 different companies making flower essences worldwide. It is important to ensure essences are from a reputable supplier, which is usually the founding company such as the original Bach Flower Remedies aligned with the Dr. Bach Foundation, which registers practitioners under the Bach Foundation International Register.[14]

Benefits of essences

The wonderful thing about essences is that they are a non-invasive and accessible self-healing tool for all ages and even animals. They are believed to be safe to use in conjunction with other medicines or modalities. As essences work through an energetic model[15] rather than a biochemical one, the effect of essences varies according to the patient. Those who are more sensitive to subtle body healing are more likely to feel faster results. For others, changes may occur over weeks. 

In general essences can bring greater calm, connection, focus, joy, optimism and insights, with one study reporting that Essences promoted calm and relieved stress and anxiety[16] for women in labour.  

Bach Flower Therapy was devised to address a spectrum of emotional disturbances including fear, anxiety, depression, trauma and anger.[17] A number of studies on Bach Flower Therapy support the efficacy of essences for mild to moderate depression,[18] symptoms of pain for people with carpal tunnel syndrome,[19] and dental anxiety[20] in young children. 

Essences may assist in relieving symptoms related to:

Anorexia, bulimia and eating disorders Anxiety Behavioural issues Brain fog and clarity Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) Circulation and cardiovascular conditions Communication and self-expression Concentration, focus and problem solving Confidence and self-esteem Creativity Dementia and alzheimer's Depression Indecision Love and Relationships Memory and cognitive function Mood imbalances Motivation and procrastination Pain relief PTSD and trauma Relaxation Sadness Stress and tension Show all

What to expect from an essences session

Each essences practitioner will have a unique approach to consulting clients and dispensing remedies. Consultations may be over the phone, online or in person. It may involve single or multiple remedies, and the selection can be based purely on the client or practitioner’s intuition. 

Guidance[21] can be accessed through meditation, muscle testing or a pendulum. Some practitioners place one remedy at a time on the body to determine how your energy field responds. A thorough consultation covering past and present concerns can also assist in determining a suitable remedy.

You will be instructed how to take the remedy which may be in the form of drops, tablets, atomiser or body products. Your practitioner will advise you of the best way to use the specific remedy, but it is generally recommended to take the remedy at least thirty minutes before or after from caffeine and medications. It is also best not to touch the dropper to your mouth or hands to avoid contamination. 

To maintain the efficacy[22] of your essences, do not place bottles beside cell phones, electronics, computers or microwaves.  It is not advisable to subject them to light, airport X-rays or temperature extremes. 

As with any exercise or wellness program, please consult your medical professional before commencing Essences. If you have any concerns at all, also speak to your Essences practitioner, who will be happy to address these and evaluate whether Essences are a suitable treatment for you.


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Frequently asked questions

Essences work on the principle that natural elements carry healing energy. When ingested as drops or applied as sprays and body products, Essences interact with a person's energy field, triggering shifts in emotional and energetic states, similar to the subtle principles of homeopathy.

Essences can come in various forms, including drops, sprays, and body products. They can be ingested or applied externally. The administration method depends on the specific type of Essences and the desired therapeutic effect.

No, Essences do not contain material traces of active ingredients. They operate through the energetic signature of the infused elements. The vibrational energy of Essences is believed to create positive shifts in a person's energy field without the presence of physical substances.

Essences encompass a variety of systems, including Angelic Essences®, Aura-Soma Colour Essences®, Bach Flower Remedies, Australian Bush Flower Essences®, Crystal and Gem Essences, North American Flower Essences, and Shell Essences. Each system may focus on different aspects of healing and wellbeing.

Yes, Essences are versatile and can be used to enhance emotional wellbeing in both people and animals. They offer a gentle and non-invasive approach to supporting overall balance and harmony in the emotional and energetic realms.

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