Build Connection By Learning The Art Of Receiving Gracefully

SoulAdvisor | 29 Nov 2021
Build Connection By Learning The Art Of Receiving Gracefully

When our family or friends experience difficult times, one of our first instincts is to express our love and do something, whether it be sending flowers or delivering meals. Yet, when we ourselves are in those situations, we can find it hard to embrace people’s good intentions. 

Psychotherapist Pauline Sanderson, M.A., M.F.T. tells Thrive that learning to receive gifts gracefully is important, as it helps to “create an inner balance, and complete a symbiotic circle”.

If you find it hard to receive gifts without feeling awkward, this article from Thrive has some ways to help us practice learning to receive gracefully.

1. Simply say ‘thank you’

When someone gives you a gift, do you catch yourself saying things such as ‘oh, you shouldn’t have’ or ‘this is too much’? If so, next time practise only saying ‘thank you’. As humans we express love in many ways, and one of them is gift-giving. By receiving their gift graciously, it validates their expression of love towards you and lets them experience the joy of blessing their loved one.  

2. Enjoy the gift

Instead of mulling over why your friend gave you the gift, whether they could afford it, or how you are going to reciprocate the favour, take a second to be mindful and meditate on how good it feels that someone else cares about you and the thought they put into the gift. Allow yourself to enjoy the gift fully, and appreciate the connection with the individual who gave it to you.  

3. Think of receiving and giving as a team sport

If there’s something the pandemic has reinforced, it is that humans require connection. Gift giving can not only build connection, but also community. Sanderson encourages us to think of giving and receiving as a team sport – when you are able to receive gracefully, it “adds to the success of the team, moving everyone forward toward the shared goals of good will, health, and happiness”. Instead of being anxious to ‘even the score’ or repay the person who gave you the gift, you may choose to pay it forward and brighten someone else’s day.

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