If You’re Looking To Change Your Career, Here’s A Guide To Doing So In A Meaningful Way

SoulAdvisor | 30 Sep 2021
If You’re Looking To Change Your Career, Here’s A Guide To Doing So In A Meaningful Way

As we spend eight or more hours a day working, people are increasingly seeking to find meaning in their career, rather than treating it just as a necessity to pay the bills. If you’re considering a career change, but aren’t sure where to start, this article for ABC has some interesting pointers.

Before diving in, it’s worth taking some time to consider why you’re wanting to make a change. If it's because you’re bored or burnt out, then change may not be the answer because using it as an escape route may see you end up in the same situation where you feel dissatisfied. 

Rather, as Jane Jackson, a career management coach advises, it’s best to consider what you would like to have accomplished at the end of your life, and “run towards what will make you happiest”.

Consider these in figuring out your next career move:

1. Find your ‘career anchor’

‘Career anchors’ was a concept developed by psychologist Edgar Schein in the 1990s, and involves what you most prioritise and value in your working life. For instance, do you value job stability, autonomy, entrepreneurship, or being of service to others? Identifying this can give you a sense of direction and guide you to find industries that you will thrive in. 

Change your career in meaningful way
2. Understand what features you want in a job

Some people really want a job with less travel time, so that they can spend more time with family, while others may prioritise a job that lets them work flexibly. It’s also useful to think about your deal breakers – this could be constantly being required to be on call, a lack of recognition from your superiors, or a lack of autonomy. Knowing your non-negotiables can help to focus your search. 

3. Manage your transition

Once you have an idea where you’d like to take your career, it is a good idea to map out your transition. A good first step could be to expand your professional network and speak to people in the industry, to confirm that it is what you envisage. Or perhaps your new career path requires you to undertake further study. Whatever your approach, having a plan can help to set you up for success. 

If you would like help with finding your ‘career anchor’ or making a transition plan, our mind therapy practitioners such as our life coaches can help. Click on the image below to book your free consultation call.

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