Three Key Ways To Bring Your Brain Out Of Retirement

SoulAdvisor | 18 Sep 2021
Three Key Ways To Bring Your Brain Out Of Retirement

According to an article in Harvard Health, in your work life, you need two kinds of mental skills - hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are those you need to do the specific job; the soft skills include decision making, listening, following directions and day to day thinking. 

As you age, retaining those soft skills is vital to keeping your brain active as well as improving your memory. There are three key ways to improve those soft skills - mindfulness, meditation and mantras. 

1. Mindfulness

Being mindful means you are focused on your task, you’re actively listening and staying in the present, all of which help to keep your brain in the present. 

To listen actively, maintain eye contact which helps you stay connected and block out distractions. Let a person finish speaking and concentrate on what they are telling you. 

2. Meditation

When your thoughts jump around, it is described as “monkey mind” and prevents you from finishing tasks and making decisions. 

Meditation prevents this and calms your mind because it changes different parts of the brain. 

A short meditation, in which you close your eyes, slow your breathing, let go of your thoughts and focus on your breathing as much as possible will help to calm that monkey mind. 

3. Mantras

Instilling confidence in yourself is always important for your general wellbeing, but more so as you age. Research shows that older people perform worse on memory tests when they are criticised or stigmatised for being older. 

A positive mantra can do wonders for your self esteem but also for your brain. Think of a few affirmations you can tell yourself and repeat them in your head, or say them out loud, whenever you need a boost. 

If you’d like some help with mindfulness or meditation, or other memory and cognition support, consider booking a free discovery call with one of our qualified practitioners by clicking on the image below. 



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