Illuminate - Honour ( Japanese Yoga practice session)

Illuminate - Honour ( Japanese Yoga practice session)

April 13, 2022
This event has passed

Welcome to the SoulAdvisor Illuminate series.

We have created this monthly series as a way to explore the overarching principles that guide our wellness practice.

This month's theme is Honour.

Honour is a fundamental part of the Japanese culture and Japanese yoga practice. Join us this month to delve deep into this topic and find ways to incorporate the theme of Honour into your daily life this month and beyond.

In our evening session, our SoulAdvisor Japanese yoga practitioners will be exploring Asana (poses), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and lifestyle tweaks on the theme of Honour. This practice will be fun and open to all levels of experience so come and explore what Japanese yoga feels like.

In addition to this session, we are also hosting a 12.30pm session that will be exploring the principles, and facilitating a collaborative discussion "How do we honour ourselves, our family and it's lineage, our community and Mother earth?"

Ideally, it would be great for you to come to both however, you will get benefit in joining us at either session.

This month, we are delighted to have the following SoulAdvisor practitioners share their wisdom:

Bec Fish

Yolande Hyde

Linda Rylands

Kelli Howard

Sinden Dean

Cate Peterson (part of the SoulAdvisor team)

Set up your mat, wear something stretchy and be prepared to experience ways to practically honour ourselves, our community, our animals, planets, mineral kingdom and tap into a deep connection to each other and this beautiful planet we call home.

We encourage you to connect with our online Japanese Yoga practitioners on SoulAdvisor, and find out more about Japanese Yoga and the rise of online Yoga.

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SoulAdvisor is an emerging global health and wellness company founded in Australia that offers access to a growing collective of qualified practitioners. SoulAdvisor’s purpose is to be a global facilitator of health and wellness through access, education and advancement of traditional and complementary therapies.

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This event has passed
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