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Move your body, find inner calm and soothe your soul
Bring your attention to the present and your core self
Nourish both your body and your soul to stay at your best

Your Wellness Journey is Ours.

When we nurture our wellbeing, life is lived with a sense of ease that better enables us to manage whatever our day may bring.

In an increasingly busy and complex world, we often neglect our need to nourish and replenish ourselves due to a lack of time or understanding, or simply who we can trust to support us.

SoulAdvisor is a global collective of qualified complementary health practitioners and healers who’ve joined together to support people on their wellness journey to create a happier, healthier planet. 

Connect free of charge with our vetted practitioners, search for wellness services by symptoms and location, and access guidance from a range of trusted experts to achieve optimum health.

Find out more about the Soul behind SoulAdvisor!

As A Soul Explorer

Your wellness journey is ours. We share in your curiosity and delight exploring what is best for you to nourish your soul. Whatever you need to be well and happy, with over 130 natural therapies to choose from, you’re only a step away from connecting with the right practitioner to provide the right treatment for you.

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As A Soul Practitioner

You are a health conscious light worker dedicated to improving wellness. Yet, one light cannot shine as brightly or reach as far as a community of lights. Our Global Collective connects you with a support network of like-minded professionals to join together as one, for all lights to be seen and embraced across the world.

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Being part of a community means looking out for each other. Read what other SoulAdvisor have to say about their experience.

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"I'm not really tech savvy and found it difficult to create a web presence for my practice. With SoulAdvisor I now have a web presence and it's attracting clients that I would never have had access to before."
Me'ira Mizrahi