Global Crystal Bowl Symposium 3

Global Crystal Bowl Symposium 3

6 - 12 Nov 2024
Siem Reap, Cambodia
US$2,625 - $2,888

To join together as One Heart in the spirit of collaboration and collective consciousness. 
To make a difference vibrationally in the world; to learn from each other and to share our knowledge, to grow and develop together while benefitting others.
To activate the pure sound vibration of the Crystal Singing Bowls with hearts open in Grace for all those gathered in Sound and sharing the Light, for the people of Cambodia, their land and further out into the world for peace, comfort and healing.
See you in Cambodia!

Mark your calendars for this transformative gathering

  • Day 1. Arrivals, registration, Gala dinner and welcome, goodnight bowls

  • Day 2. Emerald Presenter 1, 2 x Sapphire workshops, Open Mic evening

  • Day 3. Sunrise visit to Angkor Wat temple

  • Day 4. Emerald Presenter 2, concert, 2 x Sapphire workshops, Emerald Presenter 3

  • Day 5. Morning at Ta Phrom temple, afternoon visit to Floating Village

  • Day 6. Emerald Presenter 4, panel discussion, Livestream concert, Farewell Gala Dinner

  • Day 7. Early morning visit to Bakong temple, closing ceremony

You can download detailed schedule of the event.


  • Participation in our live streamed “Sharing the Light” concert
  • Crystal bowl concerts, goodnight bowls and Amazing Grace Temple bliss sessions 
  • Tours to Angkor Wat’s ancient temples and other cultural experiences
  • 6 nights accommodation at the 5 star Angkor Grace Residence and Wellness Resort 
  • Airport transfers to and from Angkor Grace 
  • Breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch and 2 dinners 
  • 2 Gala dinners with traditional Khmer cultural welcome dance
  • Vegetarian, vegan cuisine (catering for special dietary needs)
  • Swimming in the 33 meter Bio Pool
  • Access to the in-house gym facilities 
  • Attendance at all Symposium events including 4 Emerald Presentations, 4 Sapphire Workshops, Q & A panel

Hosts and facilitators

Mignon Mukti

Mignon Mukti

After 25 years in the wellness industry, Mignon is a widely known and well-respected biodynamic craniosacral therapist, sound healer and energy healer.

The focus of her work is about bringing all who she works with home to themselves, to be grounded, balanced and resourced to deal with life.

She uses a combination of her healing modalities, centring on the “tides of the body” to settle the nervous system, tuning the chakras and bringing it back into balance.


Susie Nelson Smith

Susie Nelson Smith

Sound Therapy, Sunday 11 December - Susie is the Founder of the Crystal Sound and Light Institute and is renowned for the creation of her accredited Crystal Sound Therapy (CST) with crystal singing bowl training course and her accredited Crystal Vibrational Therapy (CVT) with crystals and gems course.

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